Friday, 2 November 2007

Deleted My Facebook Account Today.

That is all.


attention deficit said...

nice one!

a symptom of a wider malaise?

we need to hang out and buy some records, raise some tankards and talk soon

han said...

The only way facebook could ever be any good would be if it was an ACTUAL BOOK made out of REAL, PEELED OFF FACES. I still wouldn't join, but I'd like the concept more.

Le_Gore said...

I love to hate bloody Facebook & if it wasn't for the fact im the other side of the world i would join you dude (it is a good tool for keeping intouch long distance). Seeing people laying on the floor with their heads together...for a "FB photo" GRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Check out my Ferry story, i think it may tickle you, in a good way.