Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Guest Blogger #4: Erik Spurrier-Samuelsson - "Untitled."

I am happy to have been asked to write a blog post for Mr Axl while he is away. I enjoy his blog very much and hope I can write something that his readers shall enjoy.

I remember one of my favourite of his was when he took a song lyric about the mockingbird and told of the practicalities of what was being said. I also very much enjoyed when Mr John Ice-Cream did this two days ago with love phrases on his guest blog post. It made me wonder about some myself.
For example, when people want to be aggresive with you, they are often saying "Do you want a piece of me?". It puzzles me because, if someone dislikes you, or you are confrontational to someone, why would they want to have a piece of you to keep as their very own? Also, I am not sure what part you would be willing to let them have. If you are not liking someone, I suppose it would be a part of you they would not want to have, so I do not understand where this question has come from. I certainly don't think I would ever give a part of myself to another, even if I like them. Imagine that. "Hello, you are my friend and I like you. Would you like me to give you my stomach? Or a foot maybe?". That would be very strange, would it not?
"A nod's as good as a wink to a blind horse." is another one I am confused by. Surely if the horse is blind then this would apply to any visual action as the horse would not know what it is you are doing anyway. You could say "A wave is as good as the putting up of the middle finger to a blind horse." or "A smile is as good as a porn film on mute to a blind horse.". "A UFO sighting is as good as an audience with Marcel Marceau to a blind horse.". It all applies. I do not understand the point of such a phrase.

I also notice on the internet a lot of the time when people are writing on the forums they are critisising other people for errors of spelling and grammer. I think this is silly. It reminds me of the schoolchildren who are saying that their father is bigger than mine. I do not understand why when a discussion is in place that a simple mistake must be made fun of or insulted like this. It seems to me a little pathetic.

I have no more to say right now, so I suppose this is goodbye. I hope you enjoyed.

Written and e-mailed to the potato farm by Erik Spurrier-Samuelsson. All rights reserved.

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