Sunday, 11 November 2007

Slight Return - Audioscope.

Sorry for the lack of a Guest Blog yesterday, but we at the farm were all out at Audioscope. For those not in the know, Audioscope is an annual all day gig for the charity Shelter, that is held here in Oxford.
Anyway, who did we bump into but Mr Axl himself. We weren't sure if he was gonna turn up, we knew he had a ticket but we haven't been in contact with him for the last week. Anyway, he said he was planning to write a review of what he saw, but as you can see there is no review. We got a text message from him at about 2 this morning that said:

"Can't write review! Shit & Shine are the best band in the world EVER!!!!!"

Basically, to clear things up, after the band Shit & Shine had finished their set, Axl and his friend Lex were seen hugging each other and barely able to speak, just managing to get across that they both thought it was the best thing they had ever seen. Ever.

Now, none of us here at the farm are particularly good at writing reviews and pieces, that's what we have Axl for. All we can do is tell you what he told us later on in the evening.

About The Sea & Cake: "I thought they were really good. Really good, nice songs. A bit kinda Beach Boysey in places almost. Maybe. I dunno, it's just a shame they were on after Shit & Shine. I couldn't quite take it in properly, but I thought they were real good."

About Clark: "I really enjoyed Clark, I thought he was wicked. The only problem was it was about half-eight. If it had been like, half-eleven or something it would've been awesome. Better for dancing times and all that. But no, I thought he was really good."

About Michael Rother & Dieter Mobius: "I was really worried about them at first coz I really didn't like the first three songs they did, but then they just got awesome! There was another one I didn't like later on, but no, after those first three, they were totally awesome."

And one last Axl thought on Shit & Shine?: "I still can't even speak about it properly. It was just the most incredible thing I've ever seen in my whole life. The drums, the drones, the hypnotic rhythm, just fucking incredible. I can't get over it!"

Axl missed the bands that played before them because he was working. For our money the best band he missed were Einstellung who we thought were really good. The band of the whole night would have to be Shit & Shine who were just phenomenal.

Sorry this isn't a proper review, but like I said, none of us are really that good at this writing thing, and Axl was just to dumbfounded to do it himself.

We'll see if we can get another guest blog up today, it may have to wait though. We're not entirely sure when Axl will be back yet I'm afraid.

This blog was written by Clarence, the potato farm PR alligator and Corrine boob toucher.

Additional: Due to a number of concerned messages, we would like to point out that "Anya Moss" is not Axl under a pseudonym. It is a friend of his and the farm's under a pseudonym, and no, we're not telling who, so don't ask. We hope that by publishing this we can help "Anya" to bring some closure to a matter that is on their mind.

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