Friday, 9 November 2007

Guest Blogger #6: Anya Moss - "To Whom It May Concern"

Axl asked me to write this blog, so I took time out to write a personal message to someone who once touched my life and helped partially shape me to be the person who I am today, in good and bad ways. I'm sorry it's a little heavy but it's something I needed to remove from my head. Written by Anya Moss.

I'm not in love with you, I was, don't get me wrong and that's why I'm writing this. I don't like you but that doesn't mean I don't care for you.I hate seeing how lost you are and how people have lost respect for you. You wander around lost in a complex maze without a map, without regard for anyone else. You hurt and use, for your own gain and the only person loosing out, is you.
When I see you now, it's similar to seeing a stranger, someone who looks like an old acquaintance but that's where the familiarity ends. You're a shadow of your former self.
It kills me to see you this way, only because I'm aware of how incredible you once were. I pray you become this person again, in fact I hope you become a more amazing person, someone who'd blow all of my expectations out of the water, out of the skies.
You have the ability to be phenomenal but you've no idea this is the case. You've always relied on others for your self belief and now there's no one backing you up, so you doubt everything you think, feel, know.
So until that day, when I won't even be around to know how incredible you are, good luck and good luck only.
I wish you all the best in the world.
Stand on the stage of life and knock everyone dead.
I'll never forget you for good and bad reasons and I hope in time that the good memories destroy the bad, as how can true fairy-tales have both.
I'm grateful in some aspects that you were in my life but I'm also grateful you won't be in my future.

Love someone you once shared your life with. x

Written and e-mailed to the potato farm by Anya Moss. All rights reserved.

Additional: Due to a number of concerned messages, we would like to point out that "Anya Moss" is not Axl under a pseudonym. It is a friend of his and the farm's under a pseudonym, and no, we're not telling who, so don't ask. We hope that by publishing this we can help "Anya" to bring some closure to a matter that is on their mind.

Extra Additional: Anya Moss has set up their own blog. It is on the Axl Approved list as "Anya Moss' City" and the adress is


Anonymous said...

thank you for that. Due to your posting it, I've started my own ranting central.

Here's to the next few blogs of annoyance I type. x

Mr Axl said...

Cool. Let me know the adress, and I'll add you to my approved list. x

Anonymous said...

Nothing really up yet but there will be, you've given me the blog bug but you may want to wait until i write something, see if it's your cup of tea and no, no more heavy shit - done and dusted!