Monday, 12 November 2007

Guest Blogger #8: Grundy - "Blooog"

I'm having a bad day. I got woke up early by Sean Kingston on the radio downstairs. I wouldn't wish this upon anyone, let alone a monday morning before 9 o'clock.
I then got a message from Orange notifying me my phone had been cut off due to a lack of payment,which technically is my fault, but still annoying. I paid the bill and they reconnected my phone within 20 minutes which is unbelievable for them. Then, as its my last day off of my holiday, I decided to walk up to the lake while listening to music again. I got about half a mile from my home when I put my iPod on. Its then I realised that it had no battery power.

So here I am, at home. Writing this while charging the GrundiPod, waiting to walk to the lake. The lake is probably my favourite area of Witney. You can go 2 hours without seeing anyone sometimes, and its only just outside the town centre.

Oh yeah, I have to show you this. I came across it while sorting something out for my guitar. Who'd pay for these?
People do try and sell any old shit these days don't they. A full packet can be bought for the same price or thereabouts.

While on ebay, I tested out the LOOOOOOOOK factor, mentioned previously by Hannah (I think).
14 O's is not a world record, but its a bit over the top for an Action Man annual.

I'm going to leave you with a little game to try out before I go. I'll call it the "Babelfish double translator Challenge".

step 1.
Go here -

step 2.
Type in a phrase and translate it to whatever language you want.

step 3.
Copy and paste the translation, and translate it back into English, and see the results.

Eg.Mr Axls lovely potato farm is the worlds best blog
The farm of the potato whose Axls is beautiful is blog where the world is best

when sent to Japan and back.


Thats about all I'm going to say I think. Apologies if its not that fun to read, but there you go.

I shall leave you with a crap joke that I found funny:

Q.Why can't a Frenchman eat more than one egg?

A. Because to him, one egg is an oeuf

Over & Out

Written & e-mailed to the potato farm by Grundy. All rights reserved.
Grundy is the author of his own self titled blog which can be found listed in the "Axl Approved" list, or just click the link he himself has provided. Grundy plays guitar and does vocals in the band ECHOESechoes ( )
He was also a guitarist/vocalist for the band Vestibule (R.I.P) ( )


Mr Axl said...

That Babelfish game is awesome!
I just translated and re-translated the phrase:

"I gave up my right to a free fish every thursday"

And it came back as:

"I in the free fish abandoned all Thursday in my right."


han said...

Thing I that the game of LOOOOOOOOOK obtains the bit boring took the challenge of the double translator of meaning Babelfish. In order my insanity, for I perhaps 2 times that to move, there are times when it is other than the thing which is intended. Wow!