Saturday, 2 February 2008

An Angry Blog About Men.

The real 151st post is not fit. It's had an injury and can't perform. Basically this was meant to be a very emo post about how despicable the human race is and how it seems that with virtually every day I have less and less respect for it and wish I just didn't have to be part of it, but I actually get so angry when I try to write my true feelings that I can't actually form the post I want. I'm getting angry just thinking about it. Someone recently told me about something that happened to them a while ago, and I have a desire to hunt down the person responsible and kick the living shit out of them to give them an physical fraction of the ongoing mental torment that this person has had to feel because some cunt thinks he can treat women however he likes. Then I remembered how an old friend of mine from a while ago was in an abusive relationship with a very possesive man and the torment she had to go through. And someone else I know who went out with a man once who hit her. I wonder why this is? Why do men feel like they can treat women like possesions? What is it that makes a man feel like he has the power to do whatever he likes? What kind of man gets a thrill from just being able to assert some kind of dominance over a woman? What the fuck kind of man... you know what, I can't even finish that sentence, I'll be here forever with the follow up. My friend Emma posted something on her blog that she read, written by a man that seems to think he has the power to tell women what they should and shouldn't be doing with their lives. As if his opinion means anything. He's just another cunt who thinks he has the right to tell people how they should be living their lives (albeit in a somewhat contradictory fashion). What the fuck makes men think they have the right to control women? Seriously now, I'm fucking sickened by it all sometimes. Sometimes? Only sometimes because I don't think about it all the time. If I did, I would never leave my bedroom and invariably become the ultimate emo kid it seems I am becoming. I really am starting to feel like I'm 16 again, with the whole "I have no respect for the human race" garbage I used to spout back then. Unfortunately where that was just the judgemental ramblings of someone too young and self involved to actually know what they were properly saying, now it comes from years of seeing how we all act and interact, and the consequences of our actions. Look, sorry this post is poorly written, very self-indulgent and frankly reads like a six-formers diary, but like I said, this isn't the real post. Well, it is, but not up to full fitness. I'm just a man who's very angry at a lot of men right now. Hey guys, next time you see a woman out and you want to wolf-whistle or slap her arse or make some kind of lewd comment, just don't. Give yourself a slap and sort it out. Next time you want to push yourself up against a woman in some hideously desperate and obvious attempt at sexual contact, stop what you're doing and slam your head against the next hard surface. And if you ever, EVER, find yourself wanting/about to force a woman into doing something sexual against her will, kill yourself, you evil fucking cunt.

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