Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Whisper Whisper Whisper Oh My God Did You Know Did You Hear About Whisper Whisper......

Confession time. The night of the "Secret" Foals gig at The Cellar, I got so drunk that I had a really vivid dream about my girlfriend shagging someone, woke up still pissed and had to phone her to check whether it had actually happened or not. Yes, I know, it was paranoid, stupid and ridiculous of me but... what? Sorry? You already know about this? How? Oh yeah, that's right, I forgot that EVERYONE FUCKING KNOWS ABOUT THIS ALREADY!!

I was in London last week and got asked about this twice in the same night. By 2 different people. IN FUCKING LONDON!!

Is it physically impossible for people in Oxford to keep their mouths shut about absolutely everything that pops into their heads? I'm half expecting people coming in to buy things at work to say "Hey, aren't you that guy who..." while I'm serving them.

2 things that Oxford is terrible for: 1. Gossip. 2. Sticking Rigidly to first impressions.

I was talking to a friend about that second point recently, it seems people have this one sided view of them that is in no way properly representative of who they are. I think there are probably quite a few people who could say this about themselves. Is this just an Oxford thing, or does this happen everywhere because of human nature? From talking to friends who live elsewhere now, it does seem to be much more evident in Oxford.

My brain isn't working properly today. Maybe it's the numbing inevitability of going to another boring day at work. Bah, I've made my point. Not very articulately, I'll grant you.


cops said...

People are just really boring, and don't have enough great stories themselves. They hang till we're really drunk, waiting, like gossip hawks, then they pounce, spreading and twisting our drunk misadventures till it sounds like we're completely useless humans. We need to stop drinking, and TURN THE TABLES.

cops said...

that was me blake whoops. who is cops.