Saturday, 23 February 2008


After 3 days of continuous boozey antics, I think my brain might have given up.

My first suspicion of this came when I left the Zodiac last night and my body stopped working outside a shop causing me to slump down to the floor like those people do in The Matrix when that bald one who was in Memento pulls the things out of their necks.
Sign number 2 of brain no work, apparently I fell out of bed last night. What, am I 4 years old now or something?!
Sign 3 is that writing this I have forgotten the other signs. All I can think of right now is eggs and lambrini.

Stay keemee now you lot.

1 comment:

Staz said...

Watch this, I hear it's what people do when they have run out of eggs and lambrini.