Friday, 22 February 2008

I've Recently Been Considering Becoming Vegetarian Again.

Why Axl?

Well, I've been considering the conditions that mass produced, battery farmed animals are kept. It's pretty awful really. The way they are crammed in together with barely enough room to fart let alone breathe or move with any comfort, and like it or not, if you eat meat, a lot of what you eat will be from intensively farmed animals.

But this never used to bother me, so why the recent change of heart? Well 2 things.
1: I'm in London at the moment, and on Wednesday at 6.30/6.40ish, I got on the tube train. Fuck me was it CRAMMED!! Firstly, it took about 5 minutes to actually walk past the Oxford Circus station, as loads of people were at a standstill, piling out onto the street just waiting to get into the station. I went to Tottenham Court Road station, which was far less busy, but the train was of course stuffed as full as possible, but we all piled into it anyway, rammed tighter than EU regulations for transporting cattle

2: Me & Micaela went to see Hot Chip downstairs at the Zodiac. Since the refurbishment, downstairs at the Zodiac has become a terrible venue. My problem with it isn't the corporate buyout and refurbishment, It's not even the stupid prices or the appaling condition they keep their drinks in. No, the reason, for my money, that downstairs at the zodiac is so bad is that to extend the capacity of the venue, they seem to have included the possible capacity of the attached bar area. Problem is that no-one wants to stay in the bar area, so everyone piles in as far forward as they can possibly go, which means no personal space whatsoever, and people trying to barge passed you even though there is clearly no room to move into. It makes everything very uncomfortable and claustrophobic. Luckily, Micaela's bad leg meant we couldn't be bothered to stay up[ front in any way, and stood or sat at the back for most of the gig, which was good, coz it also sounds better at the back to how it sounds in the middle area of the room. Oh, and Hot Chip were really really good. The review I wrote about Justice said they were how all dance bands should be. Hot Chip proved me wrong. 5 geeky looking men transforming their songs from a mere run through of the songs to a unique live experience. Superb. Too many bands just rely on how their songs sound when recorded or finalised. The refreshing thing about Hot Chip live was how they are willing to push and explore their own songs and make it an experience you won't have listening to them on record, which is what it's all about really, right? Otherwise you might as well just be listening to the album very loudly in an unpleasant room, which is why the Slint reformation was essentially disappointing.

Television? Now there was a reformation that worked.

Uh-oh, my hangover just kicked in. I should try and get some sleep.

P.S. I'm not actually going to become vege again. I was just trying to be clever with comparison. Sorry if I I got you herbivores hopes up there.


han said...

This post has made me cross. I think you know why.

Cowboy Craig said...

Hmm perhaps becoming a vegalesbien will inspire some lyrical stimulation for knife and folk! Actually I did think of a good title for a song. It's called "We belive in cool" Inspired my miles davis, not that he was good at folk or anything!