Sunday, 3 February 2008

Oh Yeah...

AND there's the guy I know who tried to rape an unconcious girl at a friends party. He literally had to be pulled off her. She was UNCONCIOUS for fuck's sake!! I don't talk to him anymore because he is fucking scum. Men really can be total fucking.... breathe Axl. Breeeeeeeathe.

Sorry for this. Nicer or more amusing blog to come soon. Promise. Promise with big kisses and hundreds and thousands on top.


Blake said...

But Axl, this DID apparently happen to DMX, so, you know, women can be evil too?

The Purple Gooroo said...

My friend and I witnessed much the same thing at another party.

I just think, if you're that desparate--go and pay for it. There seems to be a lot less shame involved in paying for it than assaulting an unconcious person.