Sunday, 10 February 2008

Irony And A Lost Chance.

See this song? I'm obsessed with it. Totally can't get enough of it right now, which is ironic coz at the moment I'm in an awesome relationship with someone I love, and this song is all about divorce! BUT IT'S SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD!!! Marvin Gaye - "When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I Stop Loving You?". The song is from probably the most under-rated Marvin Gaye album "Here My Dear", which was basically all about his divorce. Apart from "A Funky Space Reincarnation" which was about a guided tour of the solar system, but even that may have had something to do with divorce. The moment one is driven mad by the despair of loss perhaps? Can't handle the real world so slips into a fantasy world of his own creation? Who knows, it's not important. What is important is that it's a fucking awesome album. Almost makes me want to get dumped years from now so I can write my own soul-funk concept album about it. Almost. Not quite though.

The lost chance of the title is probably nowhere near as interesting or funny as I found it. Basically, I bought the Nelly Furtado album "Loose" on offer at work, and when I peeled the sticker off it left a perfect little glue goatee beard on the case. Now, about halfway through removing the gluefrom the case, I realised how funny it looked and that I really should have taken a photo. I would've put it up on here and you would've all fucking loved it.

Yes that's right, I bought the Nelly Furtado album. Basically, I really like Timbaland (he produced most of the album (alongside Danja) if anyone doesn't know that. I'm looking at you here Craig.), and like many people who like his productions, I was MASSIVELY disappointed with the "Presents Shock Value" which was mostly total gash, apart from "Give It To Me" which was a fucking tune, "Bounce" (the one with Missy Elliott on it) which also ruled, and another one I can't remember now. Anyway, in need of a Timbaland fix I decided to instead check out the Nelly Furtado album which I'd always dismissed a little at the time coz I found her singing really annoying. Eventually the obvious singles "Maneater" & "Promiscuous" grew on me so much that I bought the album. 6 songs in and I'm enjoying it mostly. "Showtime" was terrible and the group vocal at the end of "Afraid" was irritating as hell, but it's pretty good.

ANYWAY, enough of that. But I've forgotten what comes next. I should make notes and that. Sometimes I do and put them in my pocket. I'll check. No, just some random lists, a couple of cartoons and a random lyric that I sang the other day:- "I once ate a sparrow on a railway, Then I stroked a cat with a second tail." Me & Craig decided it would be cool to form a folk duo called Knife & Folk. That would be part of one of the songs we would do.

Sleepytime now bye bye go away off to bed sweet dreams don't let the bed bugs bite yer cock or you'll get an infected cock that'll fall off and run and hide under yer bed or if yer a woman the same thing but with yer boobs.

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Anonymous said...

I'm only doing this coz I love you so...

You're dumped.

Now go and write that all important soul-funk concept album!