Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Axl's Face Turned Green And All His Hair Fell Out.

I made pancakes with it. They were revolting, but at least I tried. More than I can say for any of you. What have you done for the evolution of food recently, huh? Exactly.

So 2008's been a bit quiet so far eh? What can I say about it? I queued up for a couple of hours to get into the Foals gig at the Cellar, but got too drunk to remember it. I accidentaly threw a paper aeroplane in the face of someone I don't like's girlfriend. I ate a lot of cake. I played that gig with Traktors. I bought more cd's. I've started to learn the piano. We got a new kitten which my mum has called Buffy, because she is a massive geek. She is now starting to get into Battlestar Galactica. As a vision of my future, she scares me in certain ways.

I had a big smile reading Mojo today, as Fuck Buttons were given "Underground" album of the month. This made me very happy as I think they're fucking amazing. I can't wait for that album to come out.

I just had another big smile coz I just saw that the new Silver Mount Zion album is coming out 10th March. My excited grin was so big that my cheeks now hurt. Stupid cheeks.
March is pretty much gonna rule. The 2 albums I've just mentioned aside, dubstep pioneer Benga's album comes out on the 3rd and there will be albums from IDM legends Autechre, band of the moment Foals, Youthmovies, Young Knives, Neon Neon, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Elbow & Supergrass for me to wet my pants with excitment over. All in March!! Yipeeeeeeeeeee!!!
(All I need now is for The Walk Off to reform, rush record an album, release in it March and it will officially be the best month in the history of all months ever. I'm not selfish, they can split up again in April, that's fine by me.)

I feel like I should be writing more, but I don't really have any more to say right now. So go away now please.


The Purple Gooroo said...

Yeah--March looks pretty good--looking forward to the new Elbow disc.

Oldfield's new one is out in March as well. Hopefully that old fucker will step it up this time around.

I didn't know about Supergrass...sweet.

Le_Gore said...

March is pretty much the best month EVER! The 12th being the bestest of it all.

Not only is it Myself & Robs birthday, its: Liza Minnelli, James Taylor & Pete Doherty's...ohhh yeah