Friday, 31 August 2007

Another Gig: So So Modern at The Cellar, Oxford, 29th August.

Vacuous Pop and Abort Retry Fail? jointly put this one on.

First up were Baby Gravy. I'm not entirely sure why I like Baby Gravy. They sound like X-Ray Specs but keep going out of time and still seem not to be able to really play their instruments that well and personally I never really liked X-Ray Specs anyway. Half the time they don't look like they even want to be there, but there's some sort of youthful "Let's have it!" approach to this ramshackle noise underneath it all that just seems to draw me in.

Next up was Clanky Robo Nutjob Knobrot Or Whatever The Fuck His Name Is. Mmmmm. Yeah. There's a joke that got real old real quick. First time I saw him I enjoyed it. Second time it was boring. Now it's just annoying. He's like a shit one man version of The Walk Off.

So So Modern were headlining. So So Modern are contenders for Most Appropriate Band Name sounding very much like now. Indie rock you can dance to with plenty of synth and a healthy nod to the 80's. The only problem is that being from New Zealand, it's more than likely they'll be forgotten as one of the also rans of the zeitgeist when the trend moves on to something else. This is a problem because So So Modern are really really fucking good. They manage to take what is by now a very well established sound (see !!!, LCD Soundsystem, Foals etc), and make it sound almost totally fresh. If they were from the UK, everyone working for an independant record company would giving handjobs to their Grandads if it would get So So Modern to sign a contract. It would be a criminal shame if they didn't get the opportunities they deserve because of something so trivial as geography. This is a talented bunch who could easily outlive this trend and become the next Trans Am if they're given the chance.

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