Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Rehearsal & Other.

Had first (and probably only) rehearsal with Traktors for the gigs I'm doing with them in Luton (13th) and Oxford (Port Mahon, 16th) this month. It was intense. Intense and very loud. A wall of noise. We're going to make heads bleed. Well, probably not, but they will hurt.

Statcounter results show that my blog is being visited by lots of people searching for Great Eskimo Hoax, and rather bizzarely, a couple of people looking up "Youporn".

Personal life type stuff is all very boring and self indulgent blah blah blah hideous weekend waffle waffle waffle god doesn't it make you want to vomit I mean really now.

Went to St Giles' Fair tonight. God it was depressing. A sea of chavs and idiots. And quite a few pit-bulls. Went on a couple of rides that threw me around like a sack of jelly in a washing machine. My highlight was going in an arcade on one of those old horse race gambling machines that I used to love, and winning 3 times in a row. I was well chuffed with that.

Permanent Vacation gig tomorrow! That'll be awesome.

Oh and the Audioscope line-up's been announced. I nearly wet myself with excitment when I saw that Shit & Shine are playing. I cannot fucking wait!

P.S. Marius: I'm afraid I don't know what's happening to the stock or how to get in touch with the former owners of Vinyl Frontier. Likewise Polar Bear. All I know about Avid, is that when they close, their stock is being moved to another store. I think it's in Bournemouth or Brighton.

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