Saturday, 8 September 2007

Stuff An' Ting.

A general blog of generalness today.

Russian Circles were really good on Wednesday. However, almost all possible enjoyment of the gig was taken away by the fact that the upstairs room at the Wheatsheaf had no functioning air-conditioning and so it was like watching them play in a sauna. I hardly remember anything about the gig. I just remember the feeling of "They're really good, but fuck me I'm boiling my fucking arse off here!" The best thing about the night was having a nice cold shower when I got home. I was so unbearably sweaty. Some guy was up there in just his underwear.

I keep dreaming about Elephants. The most memorable one being the one I had the other night, which was in the style of a tv programme. A guy was washing an elephant, and it got angry and started chasing him around, and then as the camera panned out, you could see that it was half horse-half elephant, but the horse half was dead so it's hind legs were just trailing behind while it bounded after this guy using only it's front legs. I woke up very confused.

Statcounter tells me that a worrying amount of people find my blog looking for Great Eskimo Hoax. They probably don't like what I said about them and are plotting my demise as I write this. Also I've learned today that if you type "youporn cum on my tits" into Google, my blog is fourth in the list! HA!!

Too tired to write anymore. Nice lie-in tomorrow and a week off work after that. Very nice indeed.

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Pipsywoo said...

Dreaming about Elephants means:

To see an elephant in your dream, signifies that you are laying a solid groundwork for wealth and success. You hold a position of honor and dignity. If the elephant was wild or untamed, than it indicates tyranny and uncontrollable forces.

To see many elephants in your dream, symbolizes tremendous prosperity, strength, power, memory, and intellect. Elephants also possess an introverted nature which may describe your personality.
To dream that you are feeding an elephant, denotes that you will elevate yourself in your community through your kindness.
To dream that you are riding on the elephant, signifies good news from afar and your future travel plans will be fruitful. But to dream that you fell off while riding it, signifies that enemies are looking to harm you.