Wednesday, 19 September 2007

London Blog.

During my time off work, I discovered that actually, London isn't half bad really. I mean sure, most of it's full of rude people and overpriced avocadoccinos or whatever shite's fashionable at the moment, but if you try to drill thru that, or are fortunate enough to have one or two very good guides, actually London has some real merits. Like Italian bars in peoples houses, the South Bank after midnight & "Echo-y Cunt Bridge".

The first Monday I went, I've already written about on here, so I'll skip straight to Friday. I met up with Jef C and a couple of people he worked with in The Slug & Lettuce, a truly awful place full of wankers in suits taking high paid talk about their high paid jobs and their £500 a head functions, two thirds of whom were very obviously younger than me. We spent too long in there, but it probably made the next place even better. After Tat met us and boozey drinks were finished, we went to a place Jef knew about. P-P-P-Picked up a James-guin on the way. Anyway this place Jef took us to was awesome. Small, uncrowded, nice atmosphere, cheap booze. Bottle of wine with Hitler on the label was kinda weird tho. We didn't drink it, it was on a shelf. Next to one with a label with the Pope on it. No idea what that was all about.

I'm not really sure Jef's friends knew what to make of us. We kind of just got into our mode of "Right, it's us. No topic of conversation is untouchable!" I wish I had been able to write this sooner so I could remember what we were actually saying. I remember some comments about marriage (Both Jef's workmates were engaged, not to each other). I remember a lot of laughing.

James had to go to a gig, Jef had work at 8am, Axl & Tat get left on their merry lonesome. Go to eat lots of awesome Thai food at a place I can't remember the name of. I can't remember if that was before or after we went to a sex shop in search of a home enema kit. Yeah, I know. Tat's some kind of freak or something. They didn't have any, so we ended up looking at dvd covers that featured ladies who had penises that some guy Tat knows showed us. Yeah, Tat bumped into someone she knows at a sex shop. You literaly cannot go anywhere with Tat in London without her bumping into someone she knows.

After awesome food came the awesome walk. A walk down the South Bank at night. It was awesome. That place looks amazing at night. Kind of reminded me of Paris. And a guy proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes. It was really sweet.

Back to Tat's and a sleep on the comfiest sofa I've ever slept on. I'm going back to London soon just so I can sleep on that again. It was sooooooooo comfy!

Saturday was Thames Festival, which basically meant some market stalls were set up along the South Bank, and lots of people came to gawp at them. We had some awsome fishcakes and sat in the sun until I had to leave to come back to Oxford for Paul Heard's birthday.

Still somehow managed to end up in Sister Ray on the way and spend more money. Naughty Axl!

Paul Heard's Birthday:

Same night as Abort Retry Fail?. It was always going to be messy. We all got a bit drunk and I don't remember a lot of it now. I remember Dan was there. I remember enjoying Keyboard Choir. I remember general drunken chatter and laughter. It was a pretty good night.

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Tat said...

You didn't mention the Echo-y Cunt Bridge much... Surely that was the best bit of the walk?