Sunday, 9 September 2007

General Axl.

Just so you blog fans have something other to read today than my boring film review. Some general stuff.

I have done pretty much absolutly nothing this weekend. It's been great. I watched footbal on tele and got bored. I've watched dvd's and listened to cd's. I've hardly moved from my bed. The furthest I've been out side is Tesco, about a minutes walk away. Mum keeps asking one of our cats "Is that scotch mist?". This hazardous laziness does mean that I missed Helen's party (Sorry, Nell's party), but I didn't get any "Where the fuck are you?" messages, so I'm assuming the party was a big success even without me. It was quite nice to wake up on a sunday morning without a hangover. I'm going to go to London tomorrow and do some shopping (Translation: I'm going to go to London and spend about 3 hours and stupid ammounts of money in Sister Ray). No, you can't come with me. I intend on spending as little time as possible with members of the human race during my holiday.

Traktors gig in Luton on Thursday. Eeeeeek! My first ever gig!

What else haven't I said before? The only thing I can think of right now is a week or two ago when I bumped into Pippa in the street and ended up having a couple of drinks with her, Nina & Bizz in All Bar One, and Nina started lightly scratching the top of my head, not knowing that that is one of my major turn-ons. I think I freaked her out a bit. Especially when she got to the dip in the back of my head.

Erm... yeah, enough of that now.

Good albums I've listened to recently:
* Shape Of Broad Minds - "Craft Of The Lost Art"
* Axolotl - "Memory Theatre"
* Various - "Babel" (Soundtrack)
* Rachel Unthank & The Winterset - "The Bairns"
* M.I.A - "Kala"
* Various - "Folk Rising"

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Pipsywoo said...

Oh dear, is that why you didn't join us for further drinks, lol. Dirty fucker!!!