Thursday, 13 September 2007

Can't Think What To Call This One.

Lame of me, I know.

Luton gig got cancelled due to personal cicumstances regarding the other Traktors. It's a shame and all, but certain things are more important. We'll just play double hard at the Oxford gig on Sunday to make up for it.

I have spent my week off work doing cock-all. It's been bloody great. Went to London on Monday to spend an obscene amount of money on cds and sushi. Among other things I bought this awesome compilation they were playing in Sister Ray called "After Dark" on a small American label called Italians Do It Better. It seems to be the potential begining of what could very soon become a "scene", or maybe it's part of the whole Italo Disco thing that I have no idea about but that my friend Jef is into. Either way, it clearly draws on late 70's disco as it's main influence, but at the same time seems like a modern take/update rather than a mere apeing of a scene,and most importantly, it's very very good. I definitely think this is one of those "Ones To Watch", so much so that I've put links to their Blog & MySpace pages (They still don't have a website yet) up at the top there. Check it out. It makes me hard in the cock area.

I've totally forgotten what else I was going to write now. Erm... I've cut the inside of my mouth and it hurts like fuck. I had a drink with my old chums Phil & Mel last night at The Bear. It was really nice. I deleted my profile coz the bloody thing never worked and after trying to sort it out many times I eventually just gave up and deleted it. So I'll just have to prove how good my music taste is by making lists like this one:

Albums I've listened to recently that make my cock rock hard:
* Various Artists- "After Dark"
* Rolan Vega - "Documentary"
* Kevin Drumm & Daniel Menche - "Gauntlet"
* False - "2007"
* Ricardo Villalobos - "Fabric 36"
* Emanuele Errante - "Migrations"
* The Monroe Transfer - "Electric Old Wire Noise"
* Sleeparchive/Antti Rannisto - Self Titled
* Animal Collective - "Strawberry Jam"

Some EP's that have had a similar effect on the prostate gland:
* Helios - "Ayres"
* Machinefabriek with Anne Bakker & Greg Haines - "Koploop"
* Taylor Deupree - "Landing"

That Ricardo Villalobos one is especially interesting. Although it's a Fabric album, he's just basically used it as an opportunity to release a bunch of his own stuff. It's essentialy a Ricardo Villalobos album, and one that any fans of minimal slightly glitchy techno cannot do without. Anyone who isn't will probably be turned by it. It's kind of the Johnny Depp of albums in that respect.

Right, I'm off to get drunk with some members of the human race. Shana tova to all you hebrews on this Rosh Hashanah, and to the rest of you just the usual goodbye.

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