Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The Great Big Axl Truck Festival Blog Part 1.

Oh God, this is gonna take ages to write.


Fucking stressful day at work. Afternoon seemed to last forever.
But enough of that.

Finished work and went to get the bus to Steventon for Truck festival shenanigans. Nearly missed the stop, but luckily the driver stopped there for long enough for me to realise I should probably get off here. Looking a bit lost on the phone to Paul, I was joined by a couple of lost lady people who were supposed to be playing in about half an hour, and we decided on the whole "Power in numbers" philosophy and joined forces against the harsh unknown terrain ahead of us. Then about 30 seconds later saw a big sign saying "TRUCK" with a big arrow pointing to a pleasent country walk on it. Phew. Paul came to meet us at the railway crossing and onwards & inwards we went. Attacked by Team Cat (plus one monkey). Tent. Dump stuff. Move on.

Paul & I popped into the Quilting Tent first to check out said lost ladies band Betty And The Werewolves acoustic set. They were really good. A nice dose of summery fresh pop (I really hate that lazy phrase, but I've spent literaly 20 minutes trying to think of a better one and I can't.), slightly playful and lots of fun. And the best guitar soloing of the whole weekend. Listening to the tracks on their MySpace, it works just as well electricly too.

And they dedicated a song to me & Paul for helping them find the place and where they were supposed to be. Which was lovely of them.

Then we had to shoot off for Foals/Youthmovies related goodness. I say that, but what actually happened was that I saw Youthmovies set up, went to see if the whole "You're a Truck guest, you can come in and watch from the side of the stage" thing because people had been stopped from going into the Barn Stage for a while now (The Trailerpark tent had already been "Closed" coz far too many people were trying to get in. Move Foals to the Barn, still not enough room.). It worked, but I saw Emma's mate Hannah there aswell, and ended up chatting to her instead of going back to see Youthmovies. Oops. Apparently they were real good.

Oh yeah. Before I forget, cheers to Russ & the Hreda boys for getting me in on a guest place. Love you long time guys.

Foals. I think pretty much everyone in the whole world knows how much I love Foals by now. And they were proper on form. The first couple of songs were a bit wierd watching from the side, so when no security were looking I jumped over the security fence and into the big group of dancing kids (NO! I did not fucking stagedive! I jumped over at the side of the room and made my way from there.). Much better, now I could properly get into it. There's something a bit detached about watching a band from the sidelines, like you're not properly watching or missing out on something. In the proper crowd area, it's a lot more like you're actually there. Involed. It was awesome. Few things in this world are better than dancing to Foals live. Tonight was no exception. They were truly awesome. An exicting, vital set full of life. They are gonna take over the world.

Then I bumped into Staz, Blake, Cotty & Josh who took me to the Disco Shed for the begining of drunk dancey times. There was a mirrorball in a tree. There was good music. There was bad dancing. There was laughing. There was good fun. Then onto Trashy at one of the tents. It was strange that Michael was djing, coz he's not a Trashy dj. He's Michael. And we love him for it coz he plays the best tunes that make us dance til our feet bleed and then we dance even more. Only I was a bit too drunk and decided it would be a really good idea to climb up that big tent pole and dance while hanging off it. Amazingly I survived unscathed. Nearly got thrown out by security though. Then while dancing afterwards, I twisted my left ankle and had to be carried to First Aid. Literally. Paul gave me a piggy back all the way. Bandage. Ice-pack. Back to tent for sleepy rest times.

Right. I've just read that back and it's not very good. Quite frankly I was too tired to do this about an hour ago, but I can't be bothered to re-write it, and if I leave it any longer it'll just get even worse. I'm going to bed now, I'll try and write part 2 tomorrow, which will hopefully be a lot better written than this.

Before I go, I have to tell you all that today my Statcounter taught me that if you search for "She's wanking" on Google (UK), my blog is the 6th webpage listed. And I really wish people would stop looking at my page when searching for Great Eskimo Hoax. I'm starting to worry that a gang of Axl hating GEH fans are gonna hunt me down and kill me. Thank God they're not playing the Oxford gig with Foals. I'd probably get the shit kicked out of me.

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antoine said...

haha, still one of the funniest moments of truck fest for me is anita turning to me when we got into the trashy disco saying, "i bet some idiot ends up climbing that thing drunk later..."

cousin tony