Sunday, 19 August 2007

Statcounter & The Recent Keyword Activity.

So Hannah of Cakeyvoice fame ( if you can't be bothered to go to my links you lazy fucks) finally managed to convince me to get a Statcounter. The main deciding factor was that you can check how people find your page and what keywords they use in search engines to get to you. She mentioned some funny ones her and Matt ( lazy lazy lazy) have discovered, which were pretty funny, so I got one of my own. Now I thought I'd have to wait a while before finding somethine that cracked me up, but lo, upon checking today, what did I find?

Boring ones first. One was searching for "Axl out of control", one was looking up the band Fuck Buttons and someone had typed in "Polar Bear Oxford Closed Music" finding my "Death Of Second Hand Record Shop" post. Then came one that tickled me. Someone in Spain found my blog by typing in "Lovely Cunts". Now, I tried typing this into Google to look for myself in there and the number of pages he must have trawled thru before getting to mine is phenomenal, as I gave up looking after the 11th page.

My favourite however, has to be the fact that 2 different people in America happened upon my page as a result of searching for websites relating to:

"Farm Fucking"

I laughed so hard. Again I went to Google and those Yankee Bestiality lovers are a tireless breed. I had to give up after 7 pages of "FARM SEX", "HORSE FUCKING", "DOG FUCKING GIRLS", "ZOO SEX", and so on and so on etc etc etc.

So already this is proving interesting. Can't wait to see what else I get.

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Grundy said...

"Farm Fucking" - shit, i've been rumbled