Friday, 3 August 2007


Here at the Potato Farm, we got a little bored. A little bogged down. A little set in our ways. We needed revitalising. We needed a lift. The board of directors had a meeting to see discuss how improvments could be made. After many hours of analysis and arguments, the board concluded that actually the only thing they weren't happy with was the image. So, we've decided to test drive some new looks. Starting with this one. We like this one because of it's "Back to basics" feel. We also like that it doesn't cut the ends off photos, even though hardly any get posted. We like how it makes me talk as if there's a group of us and not just one bitter loser writing and coming up with all this shit.

So here it is. The new look Potato Farm. I hope you like it.


Fat Chan said...

You should get the blog written into the skin of a potato via the use of a centipede with diamond boots, and then send the potato to all the fans of the world. I think that's what this site has been lacking for a long long time. More potatoes please!

Mr Axl said...

Your idea will be proposed and discussed at the next board meeting.