Saturday, 4 August 2007

Things That Are Currently Annoying Me.

1. Last FM.

"Scrobbling" has stopped working on my computer. For about the last 2-3 weeks nothing I've played has been logged on there. I even tried turning scrobbling off and back on again. No good. Lame.

2. Being Drunk.

Firstly because it seems to be happening a bit too much. Secondly because It seems I'm starting to become a dickhead. Thirdly because despite these things I still do it and love it.

3. Getting Older.

My hair is thinning. And going grey. And there's less of it. And my knees are getting weaker. And I moan and complain more. And I'm becoming really forgetful. And I'm becoming more cynical. And my eyesight's going. Soon I'll just be a bag of skin in a bad mood holding things that don't work anymore. Boo-hoooooo! Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

4. Customers.

The continual annoyance of the general public. The lazy, rude, & stupid human race. Some guy threatened me at work the other day coz I asked him to stop swearing at another customer, who he didn't know, and then when he got abusive towards me and I stopped him using the listening post, actually used the words "Don't square up to me! I'll spark you out!" Half of me wanted to beat the living shit out of the cunt, the other half of me wanted to do a big fat belly-laugh in his pathetic fucking face. Luckily for me I did neither. I say luckily because, as much as I would have loved to beat the crap out of him, I am actually a bit of a weakling when it comes down to it, so both those options would have probably ended up with me in hospital. Instead I just stood there not reacting to any of his threats, which seemed in itself to take him down a couple of pegs, and he left.


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