Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Single Again.

Yes, after more than 2 years, the lady friend has jumped the Good Ship Axl in search of pastures new. Whatever happened to the likely lads? Who knows. "Not everything that should happen, does."

So now now now now the lonesome heal proceeds. A big bloody brick wall. A hot air baloon. But no eye for an eye. No war cry. Just.....

"It starts with a sentence that might last a lifetime,
Or it might all just go down in flames.
If I let you know me, then why would you want me?"
:- Loudon Wainwright III "Strange Wierdos"

Yeah, this is my most self indulgent blog yet, but fuck you, I just got dumped.

So now I'm a 26 year old man who's going grey in his thinning hair, bitter, ugly, hating his dead-end piece of shit job, living with his mum, sitting on his single bed, writing self indulgent crap that no-one reads. Same as before, but it all suddenly feels so futile.

In other words, I feel like shit, so shower me with sympathy, coz I really fucking need some kind words.


han.simpson said...
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han said...

Dude, I'll say it again - that really sucks. But don't forget that you are the awesomest, and we all love you to fuck. So stop going on about how old and bald you are, and concentrate on growing a lovely moustache instead. You owe it to the world.

(Mum, if you're reading this, I didn't just say fuck. It was a typo. And anyway, didn't I tell you not to read Axl's blog because of all the swearing? I think I did.)

han said...

that deleted comment was me. blogger is conspiring against me.

Anonymous said...

i know it hurts now, but it was probably for the best. you'll be all right (as long as you grow that tasty moustache). axl's "a SURVIVOR, A SURVIVOR" he's gonna keep on "survivin'"....i love beyonce...ughhh ohhh hmmmmm

matt said...

Duuude! That's rough, but I think I speak for everyone when I say we're glad you'll be staying with us. By the way, this Loudon Wainwright, any relation to Lee and Rusty?

Come by the Star later and I'll buy you a Jack and coke. X

schmemma said...

i agree with all the above..you *are* the awsomest, most brilliant, one and only irreplaceable axl-schmaxl, and we do all love you..if i was there, i would attempt to take your mind off this rubbishness by tickling you until you said "no, no" in that hilarious voice, and then i would feed you some lovely booze..i'll do it next time i come back, i promise [even if you don't want me to]..you're the bestest..xx

attention deficit said...

stop being a stupid loser and come to london and get drunk with me you balding tosser

maybe we can get jeffy drunk too?


ps and reply to my text messages you arse

Le_Gore said...

Sorry to hear about this mate.
Hope my backcracking antics down the cellar helped?

Bring on the moustache!!

Pub tomorrow dude?? lets get drunk and have a cry x

Fat Chan said...

Hey Dude, real sorry to hear that, you're the awesomest guy and the moment I grow that vagina I planted I'm yours loveman!!! That's right prepare yourself for some Fat Chan loving!!! Although I'm no longer living in Ox I am a frequenter of it's buildings and streets so I will most innevitably invite you out for a pint and get you mighty drunk, like the good old days.

AND HELL YES TO THE MOUSTACHE, if you grow one tasty bastard of one then when I take your out for your westons overload I will also be wearing one, if you're lucky I may even dress all eighties Miami Vice like!!! Don't fret dude we all love you!!

nicnaks99 said...

That fucking Sucks! But your young, you are fucking hilarious and a great bloke so you will be ok. It was definately for the best. Grow a healthy moustache and i'll see you down the star soon my fellow oxford neighbour...yeah, you heard that right.
I have live there too now