Friday, 19 October 2007


Copout, yes, but I almost can't be bothered. This is gonna be such a half-arsed post. I have however just poured myself a pre-Star port, and I've watched all the "Jerkbeast" extras so here goes.

If you just said or thought to yerself "What's Jerkbeast?", well, I didn't know until a couple of days ago when Rhyannon showed me. It's a film about, well, about Jerkbeast, someone who gets tired of wreaking havoc on people and sets up a public access tv show to verbally abuse them thru. Thru this he sets up a band, and this film follows the ups and downs of their rocky road to success. A rocky road that takes in numerous name changes, less than nice managers leaving them high & dry, and dead girlfriends.

It's fucking hilarious.


Monday was Foals at the Zodiac. They were totally awesome. Support came from Metronomy. I think I'm possibly the only person in Oxford who doesn't like Metronomy. I can't be arsed to do a proper review now. I should've done it at the time really. We went to Hi-Lo afterwards. I normally don't like it there, but it was an awesome night. The Youthmovies guys turned up after their Wycombe gig so there was a really good atmosphere. Fun and too much booze. Tuesday was pretty bad for being at work. Worth it though.

Wednesday was Jay's birthday. Too many people I know have birthdays in October.

Yesterday I was co-presenting the Love Burns radio show with Nell which was really fun. We were a little unprepared, but it was still a laugh.

Today I've been watching "Jerkbeast" and an anime series called "Basilisk" which is also totally fucking awesome.

And now I'm off to the Star.

Proper back on form blogging again soon. Promise.

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