Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Ladies & Gentlemen, We Proudly Present To You, AXL'S 100TH BLOG!!

Wow, like oh my God, this is so unexpected. Let's see, I'd like to thank my mother & father for having sexual intercourse all those years ago and creating me, and especially my mothers religious views at the time which meant abortion was not an option even though she was a pregnant 16 year old. So thank you God too. Yeah I'm talking to you big guy. Give yerself a hand, or whatever it is you have instead of hands. Slap opposing sides of your aura together or something. I'd ermmmm..... lets see, errrrrr........ I'd like to thank the internet, I know that sounds lame, but without it I'd just be some drunk guy shouting at people in the street or something. I'd of course like to thank the team here at the Potato Farm for sticking by me and supporting me and just generally believing in me, y'know? I never did introduce the team did I? Here they are:

First up, Creative Consultants, Alice & Oscar:
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And here's the rest of the team:
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The white bear is Jenny, Head Of Finance. The Garfield cat next to her is Garfield, Director Of Human Resources. Jenny & Garfield celebrated their 15th Wedding Anniversary earlier this year.
The orange aligator crudely poking his head out above them is my PR man Clarence. He's a bit of an alcoholic. He once touched Corrine's boobs. If you don't know who Corrine is, she's a woman with big boobs. Here's a picture of that night:
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Although it may look to the untrained eye that I'm encoraging this behavior, I am actually trying to restrain him, honest guv.
Next up, Foxy & Badger, my researchers. These two are also a couple, but not married. They broke up for a time coz Foxy was sleeping with Clarence. The tension was unbearable, but somehow it all sorted itself out and it's all fine now. I think the fact that Badger "Only went and gone and got me dick wet, didn't I?!" probably helped the healing process start. I'm really not sure how though. They're an odd bunch this lot.
Finally, our newest recruit is Clarissa, the green aligator. There is a suspision that Clarissa & Clarence are long lost siblings, due to the fact that their dads have exactly the same first, last & middle names, and have exactly the same birthmark. Clarissa has only just started and so doesn't have a permanent position just yet, but her enthusiasm and ease with everything makes her pretty much a shoe in for a full time job.

So there you are. The ones that help make the magic happen behind the scenes. We hope you have enjoyed the last 100 blogs, and that we can continue to produce enjoyable, quality blogging in the times to come.

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Alice consults on a previous entry.

Thank you for reading.


Pipsywoo said...

Oh my god, your office is more inbred than the Zodiac used to be, impressive!!!

Le_Gore said...

100th well done that man!

Did not realize all the elements that make up the Lovely Potato empire. If i wasn't so frugel i could employe some people too, which would hopefully improve the content of my work, highly unlikely though.
Bring on the 200th dude!