Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Insomnia Part 3

I'm seriously getting really bored of not being able to sleep. I wouldn't necessarily mind if I could do anything productive with my time, but no, I can't do that because my brain stopped functioning properly hours ago, so I just have extra time to do nothing praying for sleep to every deity there is, and even making up a few new ones just in case.

See, L. Ron Hubbard had the right idea. I reckon he was just an insomniac looking for a way to kill time, and hey, anything that makes stupid dumb fuck celebrities who've lost all perspective of actual real life give away their money is alright by me. See, Scientology gets a bad rep, but I reckon Mr Hubbard might just have been trying to help us out by finding out who the real idiots are in Hollywood, stealing shitloads of their money, and debilitating their reputations so that no-one takes them seriously anymore and they can't get replacement money. Seriously, when was the last time Tom Cruise, John Travolta or Juliette Lewis were taken seriously? When was the last time any of them made a half-decent film?

Maybe I'll start a religion of my own. I'll call it Getdrunkandfuckology. It'll include ritual drinking while tied to fellow believers. That way I can get all the fucking student cunt pub-crawlers in one place and break out the uzi's! MWAH HA HA HA HAAAAAA!!!

Maybe if I open my window a lost owl will come in and knock me unconcious...


Le_Gore said...

Do you think the "fucking student cunt pub-crawlers" get a bit of a hard time and don't deserve the rep they have???


They call them "fluro-kids" over here, all raved up and loud and can't handle their booze! I hate them...i can never drink enough that they will be accepted by me. Bottle of Westons in their hand and i may...just may have some nice words to say about them

Pipsywoo said...

Axl it's been done before, it's calle Catholicism, alhtough they put other stupid terms in there, other than getting drunk...which explains where they went wrong, lol.

If you get some chump to paint the ceiling of your house now - by the time it really takes off, you'll have your own 'sistine chapel'...score!