Monday, 22 October 2007

Something I've noticed that annoys me.

Why have the BBC started putting sections in their programmes which are essentially run up to advert break material? By this I mean "Coming up..." segments, which for a channel that has advert breaks serves a point as a reminder and refresher, but on programmes on the BBC that run continuously all that happens is you watch a section that says "Coming up..." and then see it straight afterwards! What's the fucking point?! It doesn't serve a purpose, it doesn't serve as a bookend, all it does is annoy. A little nuggett of irritation to piss you off during your show. Why do they do it? Coz all the other channels do it. Hey BBC, just coz they do it and all that, yeah? I can see you rolling yer eyes and giving me that expression. What? What was that? Don't mumble like that, if yo've got something to say, say it. Do you have something to say to me? Do you?

No. Thought not. Now go to bed. Yes, now.


Grundy said...

I complained about the exact same thing when i was watching tele last week. it really fucks me off.

Pipsywoo said...

Do you think this is what the job cuts are about? And just think this is what our TV license money goes on - joyous!