Sunday, 28 October 2007

Friday & Saturday

Well boy what a couple of days Axl has had now hasn't he.

Friday Part 1: SFA OK!!!

Some fantastic lady got me into see Super Furry Animals for free. I wasn't really sure what to expect. I still haven't got the new album and what I've heard I wasn't so keen on. I wasn't sure if I was letting myself in for a disappointment, as the times I've seen them before have been bloody excellent. Never fear when SFA are here though. They were just as ace as ever. A set that drew from all stages in their career while avoiding at least half of the guaranteed crowd pleasers and chucking in older album tracks I've not seen them do before. The facts that a) they still manage to sound so fresh after having been doing this for so long now and b) they can avoid so many songs you would previously be saying "Aw, I really hope they play that one!" but still deliver a set nothing short of perfect that you cannot have any complaints about is testament to their sheer talent. The fact they are not bigger than U2 by now is quite frankly baffling. I have no hesitations in saying they are one of the greatest British bands of their or possibly any time, which is ironic coz I was having a conversation the other day with someone and we were saying how it pisses us off when people say things like that.

Friday Part 2: Pendulum.

After going to The Star for some boozing, it was back to the Carling for Pendulum's dj set. The choices for support dj's were very good as they very easily got the dancing happening and the bodies moving. Then Pendulum came and gave us a set that made any lagging energy (It was almost 3am when they came on) instantly forgotten as they dropped tune after tune of killer d'n'b - including of course, all the best Pendulum tracks. Slam?, tick. Tarantula?, tick. That other really popular one that I can't remember the name of and can't be arsed to hunt down my copy of the album in the ever increasing mess that is my bedroom?, tick. - that sent many bodies (mine included) into spasmic enthusiastic dancing of the kind that would make you worry someone was gonna lose a limb if you weren't so busy losing control of yr own.
I'd forgotten just how much dancing like this can be. When you just totally lose yerself in the music being played and dance like it's the only thing you can do and fuck me don't you just love doing it.
And about two thirds of the way through, is that what I think it is? It's only fucking "Waters Of Nazareth" by Justice! Cue Axl losing the plot altogether and somehow managing to dance even harder than before as they suddenly drop about 3 tracks of French - or French style at least - house. Come on, you all know I love French house by now surely. Ooh, that reminds me, I must get a ticket for Digitalism when I get paid.
Oh, and they played a d'n'b version of "Icky Thump" by The White Stripes, which may sound a bit of a tedious novelty when you read this sentence but trust me, it was wicked.
It was pretty fucking amazing.

Saturday: Youthmovies.

What the fucks going on?! Youthmovies are playing at The Zodiac and it's only about half full!! Well believe me when I say you all really fucking missed out. This was Youthmovies like never before. I mean, they've always been awesome, but this was just on another level. It was like Youthmovies extreme edition or something, the quieter moments being extra touching and the rock out moments standing right up there with the best of any band. Whether this is the result of playing their longest tour so far or the result of a new found confidence in some incredibly strong material is something you could debate, but it would be pretty pointless. The only point to take from this is that a really good band stepped up a gear and have become an awesome prospect. If there is any justice they will be one of the bands that everyone is talking about next year. I cannot fucking wait to hear the album.

So yeah, that's a pretty fucking awesome couple of days right there! I'm paying for it today tho. I feel like shit. Totally worth it tho.

In other axl news this week, I've been very nervous a lot at work in case Mr Peaper comes back in. I'm a bit worried that when he gets told to leave the shop he's gonna try and slit my throat in the street or something. I've also been worried at the amount of songs that I should hate that I actually really like being played on the ground floor at work. "Sunflower" by Paul Weller to name one. Can't remember any others at the moment. And the amount of novelty covers doing the rounds at the moment is infuriating and incredibly tedious.
On the other hand there have been some crackers being played too. It has been awesome hearing "Moondance" by Van Morrison every day for the last week. That is a fucking excellent song, I don't care what any of you say. Nice to hear some Grace Jones too. Fuck you, I like Grace Jones!

Yeah whatever, go fuck yerself.

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