Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Mr Peaper...Or "How I Learned To Start Worrying And Hate Being Really Freaked Out".

So, basically in short Mr Peaper really fucking freaked me out today.
In long:

Mr Peaper has been a regular customer where I work since before I started. Recently his eccentricities have gotten a little bizarre with a claim of being abducted by aliens (for a second time) who made him privy to certain information about the future and evolution of the human race that for some reason he could not access. Fine, fair enough. He brought in drawings he did of the spaceships and spacetrains that he saw. Whatever, no problem.
However, in the last couple of weeks it's gone to a whole other level. He started talking about how he saw God. How he saw angelic beings in the form of lights. How he could see figures in the street that no-one else could. How he could see shadows in the house opposite his parents that no-one else could. Starting to get a bit overboard, but still, y'know, he's mad so whatever.
The other day he came in quite excited about some research he'd been doing in the Library. How apparently Blackbird Leys quarry used to be a holy ground, how things he'd seen and heard were referred to in books and this meant that what he'd seen was definitely true and he believed he was going to receive some sort of message or guidance from a higher power. This was backed up by him seeing a figure in white who waved at him and then disappeared into thin air. These figures he'd been seeing his whole life were finally making contact with him. OK, things are starting to get a bit too weird. But still, he's probably just a bit lonely and needs someone to talk to.

Today things got scary. He was in the shop with this absolutely manic look on his face, came up to me and asked if I could spare a couple of minutes. He then took me to one side and said something like "I just wanna do this first." and then poked me in the middle of my forehead and told me he had just opened my third eye. Then he pulled out this crayon drawing he'd done of a field with some huts/houses/shed in it. He made me rub this picture 3 times so I had rubbed the whole picture. He never explained why. Then he started telling me he had received a message that his parents were going to die soon and the fact that he had received this message made him believe he was enlightened and that he wanted me to study a book because I was a very special person and he wanted me to become enlightened like he was. He said that in time my third eye would fully open and that with the study of this book (I can't remember what the fuck it was called) I would become enlightened in time. This may sound funny but his manic expression and behaviour made it actually pretty scary. He started showing me how the messages were coming from anywhere that light fell, or something like that, and proved this by picking up a random cd and finding a song title about God/religion. Then he started going on again about how he wanted me to become enlightened like he was because I'm "A very special person" and at this point I was pretty scared as it was but then in quite a threatening way he said "It won't happen straight away but you're gonna see it one day and I'm gonna keep on pestering you until you do." This may not sound like much at all, but trust me, it was terrifying.
He left saying he was certain he was going to receive another message by the end of the week and that he would be back in to see me and keep me updated. Well, he may try, but he's being barred from the shop coz it shook me up so much. I can't really convey the intensity of the situation. It was real scary. Apparently he was telling me aswell that he's been signed of work because of this. "They think I'm mad, but I'm not mad!"

I think the scariest thing is not knowing what's gonna happen next. Is he gonna drop it when he gets kicked out, or is he latching onto me and he's gonna find some other way to pester me about this? How do you second guess someone who's insane? You can't know how their brain's gonna work. You can't tell what their reaction to a situation's gonna be. Their brains work outside of the norm, who the fuck knows what he's gonna do next?

So yeah, I'm pretty freaked out right now.


Le_Gore said...

suggest you carry some mace, a tazer or a rape alarm around with you for the next couple of weeks dude

Pipsywoo said...

Chillax, he's a little fruity but probably within reason, I mean the guy still lives with his parents and from your explanation of him, I'm guessing he's in his 30/40's...he also sounds like he has no friends on the go, so he's just latched on to you, as you're a nice guy who has shown him some interest (Shame on you).
He's a little loopy, you've been kind, he taken that for you also being a kindred spirit (oh lucky you), unfortunately for him - you're sane, have friends and know the difference between visiting Little more and "a visit to Littlemore", obviously he won't until he has to "visit Littlemore"...unless he kills his parentals and then he'll be visiting prison.

I've a rape alarm if you fancy having it, it currently just sits in a cupboard at my house but most people ignore them for car alarms. But you'll be fine, if you still feel a little on edge and yes his being crazy and barred from a shop, not the greatest combo - how about hirering a bodyguard?! I believe Kevin Costner is free...

schmemma said...

oh dear lord..mr peaper has truly lost it..that all sounds pretty damn scary - have you told ollie about it??! xx