Wednesday, 1 July 2009

R&B Update: A Message To You Humphrey.

From Facebook today:

Humphrey Astley running out of ideas for this thing

Paul 'Axl' Askew
I've got an idea for you. Write an acoustic R&B ballad about how you miss someone. Make sure the chorus has some sort of gimmick to it. Something like "Ohoooowoahoooowoahoooo when I instant message you, ohoooowoahoooowoahoooo I wish I was there with you. IRL baby, real love's what I need baby, it don't mean a thing baby, if we cannot feel each others, loooooooooooooove baaaaaabyyyyyyyyyy."

Go on, I've practically written it for you!

I don't know why, but Humphrey seems not too keen to emphasise on my chorus. He's a fool. When I write the rest of that song and get some hot young thing to sing it, I will make money galore for sure.

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