Thursday, 9 July 2009

Somebody Else's Bedroom.

There's something a little naughty about being in someone else's bedroom when they're not there. I'm round at my mates James & PC's place, and PC's away so I'm sleeping in his room. I can't shake this feeling that there's something a little wrong about it. I've been told that it's fine, but I'm still in someone else's personal private space. It's odd. I feel like I'm in some sort of museum where you can't touch anything. I think that's why it feels so weird, the fact that I'm left alone in a room where I can't really touch anything. I had to move some envelopes to put my laptop down on his desk, and I instantly felt like a naughty child. Like I would be found out and told off. "James said you could sleep in my bed, not move all my stuff around!"
I was about to write something here about PC's room, but even that feels naughty. Like I don't have the right. Like it's an invasion of his privacy.
It's creeping me out. I need to think about something else for a while.
Am I over-thinking this? I have been in an odd mood recently.

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