Friday, 3 July 2009

Something I've Noticed Recently... all the knocking of Gordon Brown that's been going on recently, whether rightly or wrongly, I'm not about to get into a discussion of the mans pros and cons, is that time and time again people keep using the point that we didn't vote for him as a point to use against him.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that hardly anyone voted for his predecessor either. See, in the UK we don't have a presidential election. No, in the British General Election, what we do, or what we are supposed to do at least, is vote for the MP that we feel would best serve our interests in Parliament, which will normally coincide with the general party policies and ethos of the party they are a member of. What the individual does is vote for the MP and/or the party that they feel would best represent their interests.
We DO NOT vote for a party leader or Prime Minister. MPs do. Our election process does not put votes toward an overall individual leader, it puts them towards individual MPs and it's the accumulation of MPs that decide what party is put into power.

If you voted Labour because you were voting for Tony Blair, then unless you were living in the constituency he represented, you were wrong to do so, and voting for the wrong reasons. The way we vote for the ruling party in Parliament has nothing to do with whoever is the individual in the position of power. That's not how it works. Therefore saying that we didn't vote for Gordon Brown is a piss poor argument to try and make, because Tony Blair himself wasn't voted into power, the Labour Party was, and it was their MPs who had voted for Tony Blair to lead their party. NOT US!

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