Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Yesterday was a pretty odd day. More about that later tho. First I have some bragging to do.

Yesterday the nominees for the Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize were announced, and Led Bib got nominated, as I predicted they would in my blog post about jazz that I wrote earlier this month. I'm pretty chuffed about that. That also makes it two years in a row that I have correctly predicted a nominee. Also quite chuffed about that.
It's just a shame that Led Bib have virtually no chance of winning.

So what else happened yesterday?

* Someone I know described their period as their "Special time of the month" yesterday. I would love to know what's so special about it, as it seems to me like it would be a pretty unpleasant experience. If I bled out of my cock-end for a few days every month and got cramps along with it, I would not refer to it as being special. I would most likely refer to it as "Oh fuck, not again?!"

* I gave myself an electric shock on my eye. My iPod charger cable was plugged into my laptop, and I was holding the iPod end in my hand, about to put it in my iPod. I went to scratch my nose with it still in my hand, and the thing hit my eye and gave me an electric shock. It really hurt. I don't recommend it.

* I coughed Ribena thru my nose. Pretty self explanatory. Had a mouthful of Ribena, was about to swallow it, I coughed, some of it went thru my nose. It hurt. Not as much as the time I laughed Coca-Cola thru my nose tho.

* I rented 'Bolt' to take round to Sweet Lady G's coz she was feeling ill. I was wearing my Justice t-shirt, which shows the cross from the "†" album cover with a bunch of people on it raising their hands up. I was also wearing a large raincoat. Basically, I looked like a mental evangelical nutter, and I was renting a children's dvd with exact change. The guy in Blockbuster must've thought I was a right weirdo.

* When he gave me the dvd, I said "Cheers very much!" Cheers very much? Yeah nice and smooth Axl. This guy thinks yer a nutjob and you fumble yr words like a tool. You know what's worse? I was so perplexed at having said it, that as I walked out, I said it again, "Cheers very much?!", this time in a questioning-your-own-sanity way, and I said it far too loud. That guy definitely thinks I'm a headcase. I think I'll just post it thru the letterbox when I have to take it back.

* I watched the film "He's Just Not That Into You", which was actually quite offensively bad.
I had been pre-warned that I would have to watch it, and I wasn't expecting to like it, but I thought it would be fun at least on some level.
It isn't tho, it's just AWFUL.
There is not one likable character in the whole thing. All the women are mental and all the men are twats. There are some hideous generalisations made that some people will scarily probably actually take as stone-carved fact, forgetting that we actually live in a world where people are, y'know, different to each other and we don't all feel and react to things in the same way.
This film is not just bad, it's slightly despicable.
But I'm just a guy right? What would I know about a chick-flick? Well, my mate Chloe who watched it with us and who loves chick flicks (and I'm pretty sure Gen told me that Chloe's favourite film is 'Love Actually'), well even she thought it was rubbish. So there you go.

* Stabbed myself in the eye with Gen's glasses while kissing her. Same eye as the electric shock. My right eye pretty much hates me now.

* Ate scampi. Had no idea that the chippy on Iffley Road does scampi. Awesome.

* Watched 'Bolt'. Fun film, I liked it. Excellent attention to detail with the pigeons.

So yeah. That was yesterday.

Today, Oscar has barely been off my lap since I got home so there's been no chance for any incident. I'm listening to Luciano's Fabric mix. I'd forgotten how good it is.

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Pipsywoo said...

"He's just not that in to you" is one of the worse films, I've ever watched! It's offensive, badly written and crap but what did I expect of a film that was loosely based around some mildly famous article in The New York Times or some other American press. The only kind thing I could say about it, is that the acting isn't bad. I get what they were trying to do but they failed and as you've said, have probably confused some idiot girls and cursed some poor fools!

I love the chick flick and I love bad films but this was on a whole new level. Bruno (the pub dog) produces nicer things from his arse!