Sunday, 8 July 2007

People Who Say That Sarcasm Is The Lowest Form Of Wit...

...are the lowest form of life.

OK, maybe that's too harsh, but seriously, who suddenly decided that? And how did it become some kind of universal truth? Next time someone says that, I urge you to challenge them. The conversation will almost certainly go something like this:

You: Sarcastic comment.
Them: Smug as fuck "Oh very clever. You know that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, don't you?" Adopts hideously smug pose in the face.
You: "Yeah, says who?"
Them: "Everyone."
You: "Really? I don't say it. I know people who don't say that. I've got friends who don't say that. So who says it?"
Them "Oh you know, people."
You: "What people?"
Them: "Oh you know, people in general. Lots of people say it, it's like, widely acknowledged."

This is when you go for the kill. This is when you show them right up for being the wallies they are. Go for the whole "Just because lots of people say something, doesn't make it true. Lots of people said that WMD's would be found in Iraq, but they never were.", or some other thing like that.

With your help we can get this ridiculous notion eradicated from the human conciousness. And make some right smug cunts eating their words and feeling stupid. That's enough of a motive, surely.


matt said...

I,m with you axl. and after we're finished with them can we deal with the people who say "never 'assume' anything..."

Le_Gore said...

Sarcasm is great! I think the lowest forms of people are the ones who don't find it funny!

"Never assume anything, it makes an ASS of U & ME"
AAAAAAARRRGHGHGHHH, hate it hate it i tells you.