Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Cowley Road Carnival

Wasn't it awesome? Didn't you all have a wicked time?
Yeah, I bet you did you wankers.
Some of us like muggins here had to fucking work.
No dancing in the sunshine for me.
No afternoon boozing for me.
No jerk chicken for me.

No. I had to put up with shit like "I need an album that's got the songs "Ave Marie" and "The Swan" on it." and "I need this piece of music that goes dur dur duuur dur dur duuuur dur duuur duuuur duuur dur...." and "Have you got record of a new one or one that's coming out, of a blues album by someone who, their surname's Taylor, and there's a song he sings with his daughter on it." and "I've found that swan one. It's on this Swan Lake one by Cheroffski"

Walking down Cowley Road at 6:30ish yesterday was like being at the end of a festival you didn't go to. Like a cross between those films about Woodstock and the beginning of 28 Days Later. Without the effect of 4-6 hours boozing, it was hideous. Go to a pub for a drink, oh look we have to wrestle our way in and it's really crowded and takes ages to serve. Leave work mates for another pub, oh look there's some friends and people you know who've been having a really good day and are drunk and it takes ages to get served. Go to The Star, oh look same again. Except by now people are pretty much finishing their nights or carrying on somewhere else and I really can't be bothered coz I've got work in the morning and quite frankly I'd had enough by halfway thru my first drink at the first pub I went to.

So where does a bitter Axl go when he's feeling low? KFC of course. Buy a box of chicken, go home, watch episodes of Lost on the internet. Then wrap me up in my quilt cocoon and I am one happy chap. Play me some drones and and watch that smile return. Aaaaaaaaaah, that's better.


Le_Gore said...

It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows dude...i wasn't able to enjoy the full joys of the carnival cause the AWESOME chilli id had the night before was getting its revenge, by turning my bum area into a sauna sweatbox! T'was like a japanese flag when wiping! PRAISE THE LORD FOR BABYWIPES

han said...

OH BOO HOO I finished work by 6.30pm! WAHHH WAHHHH I had a whole box of KFC and a nice relaxing sit down, while my friends at The Star worked 12 hour shifts! BOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!

Pipsywoo said...

Aww poor Axl, i didn't know but I had an awesome time - oh yeah!!!