Thursday, 5 July 2007

Another Excellent Permanent Vacation Night...

...And most of you missed out. Losers.

You missed Her Name Is Calla with their "sounds a bit like a lot of bands rolled into one without apeing any of them" sound. The last song was especially good, an extended workout proving that not all extended post-rock numbers have to be Godspeed rip-offs. Well of course, we all knew that already, but it's nice to have it confirmed so well.

You missed Glissando, a dreamy piano-ballads-with-soundscape-backgrounds duo. Although to use the word ballads seems to do them wrong. These were ballads from a much darker place than you would normally see them from. And a wonderful cover of Bjork's Possibly Maybe to round things off.

And you missed Patel Pretal. In a time where it seems that new drone artists appear every minute, it's refreshing to hear one coming through with a seemingly new take on the sub-genre. Their vocal-drone sound layering creates something similar to Machinefabriek's extended workouts, but with a totally different method comes a totally different sound. It's good to see that new drone/noise acts are still coming thru with a true experimental attitude that makes them different and original.

So yeah. You all missed out on yet another excellent PV night. To be honest, after Fuck Buttons, I was a bit worried this would be a let down. I am very happy to say that my worries were very unfounded. Permanent Vacation continue to be the promoters of the moment in Oxford.

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