Sunday, 22 July 2007

Axl's Adventures In Community Radio.

Did you hear it? Did you?

No, of course you didn't. The whole thing was so last minute that I only had time to tell about three people. 2 of them had plans already and the other couldn't decipher my very rushed message.

Basically, what I'm on about is the OX4FM (87.9) community radio station. My chum Helen has a show on it. Anyway, she had asked me round there to keep her company and chat to her when songs were playing so she didn't get bored. Then when just about to go on air said, "D'yer fancy bein' on air?" or something similar. So I ended up co-hosting her show. I say co-hosting, I mean being her sidekick really. I don't remember much of it now coz I'm really hungover after the Truck replacment gig at the Port Mahon. What I do remember is that I got told off for talking about shagging, ("I bet you did! I bet you rode him bareback, like the horse you had when you were a child!"), and also talking about urinating. And I did funny improvised skits about working in an abatoir and home taping (I say funny not because I'm arrogant but because Helen was laughing at them), and I did one about being locked in a cage that was pretty lame. And I slagged off Jamie T. Coz he's shit.

It was really fun. I had a really good time doing it. If anyone ever gets a radio station and wants me to present on it, I will happily do so. Very unlikely I know.

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