Sunday, 22 July 2007

Axl's Adventures At Truck Therapy.

So yeah, Truck was called off, as you all know. So Oxford's promoters all sprung into action and organised some Truck replacement gigs. One at Brookes, one at Purple Turtle and one at Port Mahon. I was not looking forward to the prospect of having to choose between Fuck Buttons and The Walk Off. The Walk Off won in the end, which was lucky really coz I'm pretty sure Fuck Buttons couldn't make the PT gig anyway. The only reason I haven't included Youthmovies in this list of choices is that I couldn't afford to spend 15 quid to get into Brookes.

So Port Mahon bound, slightly sad that I would be missing Hreda and Jonquil at PT, I met up with the Alice's Bevan & Handscomb at The Star and we moseyed on down. Booze, garden, meet up with The Walk Off & Staz. They were a combination of boozed up and jetlagged (ok, the second part of that only applies to Blake & Staz), and they fed me some Tequila & Rock Star. Rock Star is an energy drink that comes in a can that looks like it holds about a litre of liquid (it was fucking massive) and the drink itself is the colour of radioactive piss. I'm not kidding, it looks like it glows in the dark. Drank cider. Watched The Rock Of Travolta. Good stuff. Started on the Swedish pear cider that they've started selling at PM. (It's a bit too nice and tastes a bit too non-alcoholic which is probably why I drank so much and why I have such a hangover today.) Then, the Alices left! Looooooooserrrrrrrrrssss!! They missed a pared down A Silent Film, who as a twosome sounded a bit like Postal Service would if Postal Service were any good. A Silent Film were good. They missed Frank Turner, but so did I. I can't actually remember what I was doing when he was on. Hang on, I think I was drunkenly telling Cotty why I like The Walk Off so much while he had a fag in the rain. They missed the joys of unisex toilet queing, with everyone desperatly trying to not look really uncomfortable being with members of the opposite sex in the same toilet. They missed someone buying Cotty's hoodie off him, which only cost Cotty a fiver but the guy insisted on paying him 10 "Coz I know how much you like it.", the first time I think I've ever seen someone trying to haggle a price upwards.
THEY MISSED THE WALK OFF!!! (I think that sums up my feelings rather well, but just to clarify, The Walk Off were awesome.) They missed Cotty hilariously throwing his guitar against the wall several times. The highlight for me though had to be when Michael turned up and we had some proper dancing. Music + Michael = good time.
They also missed Nought. I'd never seen Nought before. They were really good! Instrumental noisy rock fare. Nice.
Then I bought another pear cider and took it to The Star. I only realised how drunk I was when I stumbled into The Star shouting "OH HELLO!!" and then proceeded to run up to Emma's boyfriend, stroke his Battles t-shirt and try to bite his nipple. This was after Viner & Tat bundled into me hugging me big time which felt real good. Then Viner & Tat stole me and took me to PC's house, and Jef C was there! I like Truck, I get to see people I haven't seen for ages. I don't really remember anything that happened there. I vaguely remember walking home via Kebab Kid. At about 7 this morning I woke up with my computer switched on and I was wearing all my clothes except my trousers. And I was wearing sunglasses. And there were chips & kebab meat spilled on my bed. I tidied up and went back to sleep. I woke up and ate the rest of my chips & kebab meat at about 12.30. My hangover is in that general feeling of drained groggyness. I'm really hungry. I'm gonna go eat something.

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