Monday, 9 July 2007

Just To Clear A Few Things Up: Volume 1

No matter how many times I tell people that I like or dislike something, people seem to forget. Usually when their opinion is different to mine. You all seem to just block it out. So here, in the first of a series of posts I will be writing, are some things I like and dislike, that no matter how many times I tell you them, they never sink in your brains.

* I hate the Arcade Fire. I think they're painfully shit.
* I don't like Captain Beefheart. His songs fall into 2 categories. Obtuse for the sake of it, or boring.
* I hated the film "Secretary". It's fucking rubbish.
* I don't like coffee or tea.
* I don't like beer.
* I like Jamiroquai.
* I liked Sexy Breakfast.
* The film "The Lost Boys" is fucking boring.
* I don't like Modest Mouse.
* I've never seen an Alfred Hitchcock film. No, not even that one.
* I don't like avacado.
* I love bovril sandwiches.
* Sometimes I don't wear underwear.
* Low is not my favourite David Bowie album.
* Diamond Dogs is.
* I really really hate sneezing.

That'll do for now.
The next person who acts surprised when I mention one of these things gets knifed in the genitals.


nicnaks99 said...
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nicnaks99 said...

What do you mean you have not seen any Alfred Hitchcock films?????!!!!!

Thats absurd!
Despite your threat, i had respond to that.
That is just WRONG.
Are you completely sure you have seen none of his films...not even naff remakes?

Funnily enough, other than that (and your love of Bovil), I feel the same,
(although i admit i tend to keep the fact that i like Jamiroquai to myself, can't be bothered to justify myself)

Pipsywoo said...

My fave David Bowie album has to be Hunky Dory, always puts me in a good mood and makes me want to dance - it'll become a regular in The Duke before long...