Thursday, 19 April 2007


Monday was the day the seemingly long wait was gonna finally be over. That night was the 65 Days Of Static gig, and I was wetting myself at the prospect of hearing their new stuff. Not long now. As a bonus Sam had popped in to work and said there was gonna be some new Youthmovies songs tonight aswell. Double wet!

First up on the bill were Cats & Cats & Cats who I found a bit Boring & Boring & Boring.

Youthmovies next. And they were quality. I remember ages ago first seeing them do some of what would become some of these songs and I remember thinking it was a little disappointing. Whether it was just coz it wasn't what I was used to them doing or whether it's that these songs have improved over time I'm not sure, but I am sure that tonight they sound awesome. The album should be a real gem.

Then 65 Days! Yay! First song starts and it sounds good. Real good. Yes, this is ging to be awesome I can feel it and I'm already well into it when theres a sudden pointless key change which kinda ruins it a bit. Oh, now theres another. And another. And another. Now it just sounds real shit. This does not bode well. Have faith Axl, the next song might be really good.

It's not.

Neither is almost all of the new stuff. There they are hammering it out like they always have, but it just come across to me as a bit boring. I didn't like it. I never thought of 65 Days as a one trick pony, but as the guy who suddenly looks like he's trying to be Yamataka Eye from Boredoms spent ages having some kind of a rant/monologue and they then played a song that sounded structuraly exactly the same as Radio Protector, just after they had played Radio Protector, that's kind of how I felt. That was the problem with it really, it all just sounded a bit uninspired, a bit dull, a bit "We're 65 Days... This is what we do." as opposed to "We're 65 Days... Let's fucking have it then!!!". More of the same, but nowhere near as good.
This wouldn't bother me so much if it weren't for the fact that every other time I've seen them, they've been pretty much one of the best bands ever. Which just makes the new stuff being a bit rubbish all the more disappointing. I'll still get the album coz it's 65 Days, but I'm not really holding out much hope at the moment. Which is a bit poo really.

So this blog is called Youthmovies basically because they were without doubt the best band of the night, and a band who are progressing. And it sounds wonderful.

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