Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Team Classical Vs Elephant Force!

I came up with this idea when I was really bored at work today and I think it rules. Basically, Team Classical are a group of people who seem perfectly ordinary, but when trouble strikes they have the ability to harness the hidden super powers of classical music. They are the good guys, do-gooders, the heroes of the piece. Their nemeses are Elephant Force, a pack of elephants hell bent on wreaking pain and destruction on the world. The only way to defeat them is to first weaken then by making their ears fall off and then cutting off their trunks. It is normally very difficult to weaken an elephants ears to the point of them falling off, but this is no problem for Team Classical. They whip out their magical conductors wands, and summon up powerful phrases of classical music to deafen the elephants with. As a series (which is what it would have to be - obviously!), the staying power would be in the elephants learning tricks to avoid this, and Team Classical having to overcome these new obstacles. Obstacles such as Elephant Force all donning giant ear muffs, or simply running away as soon as they hear a note of classical music. As the series went on, stronger and more powerful elephants would emerge who would be impervious to weaker, less intricate passages of music, and Team Classical would have to improve their conducting and magic abilities to combat the stronger elephants. Certain elephants would emerge that are impervious to certain styles of classical, and Team Classical would have to find the right style or instrument that weakens these particular elephants. One particular idea I had involved a partcularly strong elephant attacking and Team Classical summoning Glenn Gould whos expert piano playing finally made one of the elephants ears fall off, but just as the second was about to fall, the elephants grabbed Gould's right arm, leaving him unable to fully play merely bashing at the lower notes with his left hand to no avail. As a series finale, Team Classical would face a fucking massive elephant with 6 ears who had the power to regenerate lost ears!

I don't know about you, but I think that sounds fucking awesome.

It would be a series more for the adult "Buffy"/"New Adventures Of Superman"/"Firefly" fanbase, rather than my other classical based tv series idea for kids, Peter & The Wolf. For those of you who never heard about Peter & The Wolf, it's a learning programme for pre-school kids. The premise is that Peter & The Wolf are a couple. Peter owns a Greengrocer's, Wolf is the stay at home housewife. Peter would deal with teaching the practical lessons, especially maths, while Wolf would have the local children poppin ground to her house for her to tell them a story, and for music, their good friend Serjey Prokofiev would pop round and play a song on their piano summarising what has happened in each episode.

So there we go. My plans to take over TV start here.


schmemma said...

you, sir, are a's surely only a matter of time before some high powered tv exec stumbles across this blog, and immediately whisks you away into the glittering world of programme development..

degs said...

I haven't checked your blog for a while and I have to agree with Emma - awesome! Allow me to contribute an idea for an episode; somehow Elephant Force kidnap the conductor of Team Classical, rendering the rhythmic abilities of Team Classical useless. A splinter group (say a string quartet) who can keep time because of their comparitively fewer numbers rescue the conductor and reunite Team Classical in an epic end of episode battle....