Friday, 13 April 2007

Another Week In Axl.

Wow, I'm getting pretty slack at this. Slack by my standards anyway. So heres another weeks worth of Axl, compresed into bloggable form. Most if not all of you know all this anyway I'm sure. So feel free to "Skip to the end" (said in a Simon Pegg in Spaced way, not the crap Futurheads song way) if you like.

Oh, and before I forget, Oi Hannah, on the 24th I'll have been blogging for exactly six months. If I don't see a link on your blog then, I'll be sending the boys round. And they'll have dogs. Big mean dogs. Got it?

So, my week:

Friday was Pippas party, and the first time I've done fancy dress since I was about 8 (I'm not including that Hallowe'en a few years back coz that was a night out as opposed to a party). I thought my costume was a little rubbish, but everyone else seemed to think it pretty awesome.
Things I especially remember from the party:
*Paul vomiting after downing half a bottle of wine.
*Paul and Hootie almost detroying a bathroom.
*Hootie doing a shot of Treseme shampoo.
*Hootie and I dancing on a sofa, and me worrying we were going to break it.

On the whole, it was a good party and fun was had. Yay.

Saturday was Alex's party. Hreda played and were very good. Another band played who were good, but I would like to see in a proper venue where they can crank the volume up and let the noise out properly. I can't remember what they were called now. I'll remember if I see it.
After that, we went round the Cellar. There was something happening I'm sure, but all I really remember is that at some point I went to the toilet and woke up in the cubicle an hour later. By which point some people had left and been replaced by other people. I remember talking to Pippa a lot. I remember dancing too. Then I remember walking down the high street and getting up to mischief. I'm sure there's a photo of me covered in some metal road work thing. I know theres one of me and Hootie on the Plain roundabout. I remember jumping into things. I remember going back to Seb etc's with Hootie after Kebab Kid. I remember Hootie jumping on two people getting off with each other on Seb etc's floor (which was fucking hilarious). I remember talking but not what I said. I rmember felling very tired and falling asleep on the floor, then waking up with a blanket on me and someones phone ringing for ages which we eventually found and Tricia turned off. I then remember waking up and realising I had been sleeping where those two had been copping off and hoping to dear God that I hadn't been sleeping in some bodily fluids of the penis and vagina kind.

Sunday was Easter. I was woken up for a third time by Becky shouting "SCRUBBERRRRRRRRRRS!!" very loudly. I declared it to be the best alarm ever. I certainly wasn't gonna fall asleep again after that. At some point we started watching Dune. At some point I couldn't handle any more and had to go home. Via KFC for a big chicken heart attack meal.
Quiet evening was had. At some point on this day I lost my phone. I still haven't found it. I'm sure it's in here somewhere, but this room is such a disgracful mess at the mo' that it could be ages before I find it.

I can't remember Monday.

On Tuesday night I was out drinking with my chum Alice and the guys from The Walk Off. It was an awesome night. Just booze and chat and more booze.

I went to the free jazz night at the Port Mahon. Which was good, except that when the trombonist wasn't playing, she had a tendency to do some free vocaling, which was awful. The highlight for me was when the oboist played two oboes at once. And it was real funny when the Cor Anglais guy
broke a glass by accident. You had to be there.

Last night was Hreda at the Cellar who were awesome. Their stuff is really good and I'm looking forward to seeing where they go with it. They were first on the bill. The next band were called something like A.P.A.T.T or something, and my insticts told me they would be a bit rubbish. Turns out they are possibly the worst band I have ever seen/heard in my entire fucking life. Utter utter shit. They started off like Fonda 500 but shit, and then went on to sound like a load of other bands but really really fucking dreadful. "Have we got time for 3 more songs or two more?" NO MORE!! FUCK OFF!! STOP PLAGUING MY EARS WITH YOUR PUTRID SHITE!! OH, AND YOU'RE NOT "WACKY" AS YOU ARE SO DESPERATLY TRYING TO PROVE, YOU'RE JUST PATHETIC!! NOW FUCK OFF!!! That's what I wanted to shout, but I just stopped after the initial "No more!!", which sadly they paid no attention to. I can't really remember the band who were on after them. I do remember thinking they were incredibly dull and wishing I hadn't just been bought another drink so I could just leave and go to Smash Disco instead. Which did happen eventually. Not before the dullards had finished though.
Can't remember a lot about Smash Disco. I remember dancing with Jamie. I remember that Pippa wasn't there. I remember that at some point these two annoying girls kept grabbing my arse. I tried to move and they carried on. I tried to manouver my arse away from them, this seemed only to encourage them. In the end, the only way I could make them leave me alone, was to pick up a poster that had fallen off the toilet door and write in big letters "I AM GAY!" and hold it up for about 5 minutes. It worked tho', they left me alone after that.
I ate a kebab. I watched Extras. My farts stank.

Which brings us to today. I may go to the Star later. I may not. There's new Derren Brown and Peep Show starting tonight, and I have spent far too much money on booze the last couple of weeks. Hmmmm.........


han said...

I think you should see this and also this

Pipsywoo said...

Wow, there was loads of me in that blog, I feel so proud to have infected your soul like that - I'm evil and genius all in the same time.

I thank you and you should thank me!

Mr Axl said...

Go thank yerself.