Thursday, 19 April 2007


Last night was the Foals gig at the Cellar. Oh what a night.

First up were Party Shank with their brand of dance/hardcore/drum n bass with added toy fun. It was awesome. Enthusiasm + Energy + Beats + Toys = A bit bloody good really. My only critisism is that they weren't on for long enough. I could've easily seen them for twice as long. And later in the night too so I could be all drunk and dance which is what I really wanted to do. Basically Party Shank are far too good to be first on any bill.

Then was The Cocknbullkid. She sang pretty well for four songs over some cool sounding backing. One to keep an eye out for.

Then the reason we're all here, Foals. I've spunked myself on various blogs and myspace stuff before so you probably all know exactly what I thought of them. Which is that they were pretty fucking amazing. The only annoying thing is the fact that by this point, the Cellar had got so ridiculously hot and sweaty that I really felt like dancing was not an option for me, which is difficult because it was much harder to not dance to Foals no matter how exaggeratedly I banged my head and tapped my foot.
Foals continue to get better and better, which considering how good they were in the first place is pretty astonishing.

Tired. Bed. Yes. Please.

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Fat Chan said...

CURSE YOU AXL HEAD, CURSE YOU AND ALL YOUR DARN POTATOS, this is no longer delicious Axl cake and you must not eat it! (Fat Chan's reaction to missing the Foals gig and Axl rubbing it in his face the way he used to with his potato shaped penis)