Friday, 6 April 2007

The Week In Axl.

Well, hasn't it been a busy old week then, eh? Let's see:

Damo Suzuki & Youthmovies gig.

First up were Traktors, who were awesome.
Second up were Swordwind who were awesome.
Third up were Fuck Buttons who were awesome.
Last up was Damo Suzuki with Youthmovies which was awesome.

If I'd written about this closer to the time I would have been able to go into more detail. All I can really say right now is that every band totally blew my mind and it was one of the best gigs I've ever been to.

Simon Munnery.

The woman who works at the bar in The Cellar gave me a look as if to say "Haven't you been in here a bit much recently?". Maybe she has a point, but I didn't care, as I was there to see Simon Munnery do his whole being hilarious thing. Very funny. I've been a fan of his for a while, and to see him at the Cellar was rather special. Well, for me anyway.

Vestibule at the first Love Burns night.

This was the first gig I've seen at the Jericho Tavern. It's a bit of an odd venue, but Vestibule were good. The other bands were pretty shit, but Vestibule were good. Although the highlight of the nioght for me was seeing my chum Alice after her sojurn in Morocco, and hearing about her dysentry.

Axl's night off the social scene. Stayed in and watched some Drop The Dead Donkey. And spoke to The Good Lady Friend on the telephone.

Smash Disco.

Met up with Lex, Paul, Hootie and Tim at Kasbar coz Seb's lot were there. After a nice booze I'd not heard of before we went back to the Star, before me, Paul, Hootie, Sam & Becky went to the Zodiac for Smash Disco. I did that thing where you go "Everyone here is more drunk than me. I'd better drink twice as much to make up for it!", which didn't really work, until I started dancing. Suddenly the movement of my body got the booze flowing thru my body and drunk dancing ensued. This included my usual trick of getting far too excited when "House Of Jealous Lovers" gets played and dancing in a way that is hazardous to my health.
Some twat who had been eyeballing me, Paul and Hootie earlier on tried to wind me up when I went for a drink, so I decided to call his bluff and give him a suggestive wink. He won't be doing that again.
Then after what seemed like a tiny amount of time, we were kicked out coz it was over. Not before whoever was djing went "I know. As I'm in Oxford, why don't I play Creep as my last song?", therefore commiting himself to dj hell for all eternity. Knob.
Kebab Kid, food, back to Sam's. Try to watch Dune, tv stops working. Becky sorts out tv, we end up watching Armando Ianucci. At some point I fall asleep.

Woke up at about 8ish on a sofa with a pain in my neck. Stumble home and get more sleep. Then I ventured into town to cobble together a costume for Pippa's party tonight. 15-16 quid later, job almost done. Just waiting for bits to dry. It has suddenly dawned on me that for the second week in a row, I will be working a Saturday on about 2 hours sleep.

And that brings us to now. All I have neglected to mention is that Tuesday was officially "Day Of The Retard" at work, and that on thursday a kid looked at a Beethoven boxset and said that he looked "Grumpy" and that "His name sounds bloodthirsty!", which made me piss myself laughing. Oh, and one of my colleages asked me "Is it Zed Leppelin or Led Zeppelin?". Priceless.

There. Happy now Pippa?

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Pipsywoo said...

I'm always happy, thank you. Not sure why once again your pointing the finger at me, it's not my fault you are lame and I don't think I badgered you this week, maybe I did, who knows?!
Maybe your week has been so busy, you've stepped back in time by 2 weeks? Possible? I think so...

Right I'm returning to the life of a hermit, financial needs and all that. See you in a month.