Saturday, 21 April 2007

Something I Found Interesting.

The newspaper of choice in our staffroom at work appears to be The Sun, coz thats the only one anyone ever buys (apart from the occasional Oxford Mail). Now, I hate The Sun, but when it's the only fresh thing to read I usually end up reading it coz it's there, and when I'm eating and on a break from work it's kind of nice to do something that doesn't require any thought. Big lettered knee-jerk reactions, some silly stories and usually a pair of boobs to look at.
Now, The Sun (rather laughably, considering it's continued use of the Page 3 Girl) likes to think of itself as a family paper, standing up for the rights of the average joe and his family unit. One of it's most continually vehement protests is against Paedophilia, and quite right too. The Sun have often run stories and started campaigns, they've even (if my memory serves correctly) on occasion offered rewards for information on high profile cases where the victims are children. They've been highly critical of flimsy charges brought against child sex-offenders. Recently they have been re-campaigning for the introduction of Sarah's Law. It is quite admirable how, when the news will often only run stories of a certain nature for so long for fear of loss of sales/figures due to consumer apathy, The Sun has never weakened or gone off the boil and continues to to rally against all things Paedophilic.

SO WHY did I open up The Sun the other day to find a Page 3 Girl dressed up as a schoolgirl?!?! Is it just me, or is that unbelievably hipocritical?! You cannot be so against something, but then be quite happy to casually glorify that very same thing for the titilation of your readers! The argument of course will be that it's one of those male fantasies and that it's just a bit of fun. This from a newspaper that so venomously villified Chris Morris for his satire on the whole issue, that actually had a very relevant point to make! What point are The Sun trying to make? That we all want to fuck a schoolgirl apparently. Yeah, 10 out of 10 for towing the party line there chaps.

So there you go. The Sun newspaper. Still as sensationalist and hipocritical as it always has been.

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