Tuesday, 29 September 2009


So, I enrolled back at college yesterday for the second year of my course. It involved a lot of waiting around and an alright free lunch. They had this Hellmann's raspberry and mustard salad dressing which was delicious. I wouldn't have thought those two things would go together, but it was good stuff.
Another two things which I wouldn't have thought would go together are chocolate and cheese. Now, I know you're going to say "Oh Axl, but what about chocolate cheesecake?", but you know full well what I mean. Anyway, Gen bought this chocolate covered cheese and nuts bar, and lo and behold... it tasted awful. Gen said it tasted like feet. It was pretty similar to licking the inside of a shoe. Shame really, it's an interesting idea, and I like it when crazy food combos work.
Having said that, the only other one I can think of right now is when someone bought me a packet of M&S chocolate covered potato crisps one Christmas, and they were pretty disgusting it has to be said.
Ooooh, I did used to love those packs of chocolate covered pretzels they used to do tho. Whatever happened to them? Are they hiding in the same place as Mountain Dew?
I saw an empty Mountain Dew can on the street the other day. I assume it was empty, I wasn't about to pick it up and check. Ah, I used to love that when I was a kid.
Mind you, I used to love Opal Fruits when I was a kid, and the last time I had a pack of Starburst they were gross.
A gross is 144.
In four days time I will be in Malta on holiday. I've never been to Malta before and I'm quite excited, which is weird coz I don't normally get excited about holidays until I'm actually going on them. Yeah. Going with Gen and we'll be staying with some of her family out there. Looks pretty nice from the photos I've seen. And I'll get to eat some awesome cheese, olives, and chocolate cake. And sit in the sun. Does mean I'm going to miss the first week of college proper, but meh, I'll be on holiday!
College. Urff. Had a meeting with the tutors today, and got that feeling I always get at the beginning of term that I'm way out of my depth and that this is gonna be too hard and stressful and the usual self doubts that go with all that. Meh, we'll see what happens I guess.

Hmmm... That's all I can think of to say right now.

Oh, I was looking at the new Lolcats book just now, and this made me laugh so hard I had an asthma attack.

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