Sunday, 1 March 2009

Being Un-Sexy For Lent.

So, a lot of booze on Friday led to a wake up of still a bit drunk on Saturday with a little hangover. What better time to capitalise on my lent vow?
Breakfast was a bowl of Kellog's 'Fruit & Fibre' and 2 glasses of port and was followed by no shower, which led to me looking like this on my way to work.
Wow. How quickly someone can change! Compare that to the photo in the last post that was taken on Thursday. Gone is the youthful, sexy image. In comes a haggard old drunkard. This was so far going pretty well.
Or not. You see, the reason I made such an effort in the morning was because I'd had an unbelievably sexy dream during the night (I would go so far as to say it was one of the sexiest dreams I've ever had), and my guilt was working overtime.
I got to work and told people about how I'm giving up being sexy for lent. I knew I could count on my colleages for moral support. Hmmm... yeah.
So it was a day of piss-takes from colleages and Andy trying to grope me. I did a fair ammount of yawning and mild uselessness at work to make sure no customers found me sexy.
Oooooh, but what's this? Pub after work? What better way to be un-sexy than to get drunk and annoying/obnoxious? Not too much tho, and I think I managed to strike the right balance, being funny with just enough obnoxiousness to make people not mad at me but also not thinking "Hmmm, this man could laugh me into a state of no clothes sexiness."

First day of proper no sexy:- Success!

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schmemma said...

i don't know, but i find this quite look like the lost member of arab strap..