Sunday, 1 March 2009

First Sunday Of Lent, But I'm Still Being Un-Sexy.

Scruffy beard - check.
Stupid hair - check.
Weirdest feeling hangover of my life - check.

All of which led to me looking like this this morning.
That is a definite un-sexy win.
Look, you can see the toothpaste on my lips and everything.
That was an accident! See? It has already become natural to me to be that un-sexy! This lent vow is gonna be a piece of piss.

So, even tho it's Sunday, I figured I would still be un-sexy due to the facts that a) I started my lent abstinence 2 or 3 days late, and b) After being drunk for about 38 hours, I had a monstrous but bizarre hangover. Waking up feeling like I did, I decided yesterdays tactics were not to be repeated today. So there was no breakfast booze, no lunchtime booze, no any booze. Just a hangover that felt, well, very weird. For a lot of today it has felt like people have been inside my body with those metal hand whisks and have been trying to turn everything inside my skin into an Axl meringue. Lying in bed this morning was the closest I've ever come to feeling weightless. Here was how I described this hangover on Twitter:

"Wow, now THIS is a hangover."

My lungs sound like the Tardis."

I want to take off my head and throw it across the room."

It's like I'm experiencing my limbs for the first time."

My internals feel like a swimming pool, and someone is trying to stab their way thru my chest. Work should be fun today."

Oh, and work sure was fun. This was a great recipe for being un-sexy as I was basically an undignified mess all day. And I had a McDonalds for lunch, which as everyone knows is one of the least sexy types of food you can eat.

And that's it really. All I can can say about today really is that it was a resounding un-sexy SUCCESS!!

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