Thursday, 18 December 2008

Things I Have Seen Today.

1. The cover of the forthcoming Animal Collective album.

which kind of freaks me out a little. The optical illusion doesn't work quite as well on here, but trust me, look at it and focus for long enough, it'll fry your brain!

But just in case it doesn't, go here: :where for some reason it is bigger and more effective. I don't why mine isn't that big, this is where I got it from after all.

2. This:

which came with the caption "Members of South Korea's ruling party spray fire extinguishers at opposition members as they try to break into a committee room, in a row over new free trade laws with the US."
See, that's the problem with UK politics. It's too stuffy. Too prim and proper. We need more fighting. More rukus. I personally think that the next general election should be held as a special edition of the TV show 'Gladiators'. There'd be no scandals, no allegations of vote rigging or improper campaign practices or any of that shit. Plus NO-ONE would fuck with a Prime Minister who won that.

3. Possibly the greatest music video EVER!!!

Seriously, find one better than that. You can't can you. NO!

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Le_Gore said...

the video link doesn't work boooo!
it looked right up my alley.