Monday, 29 December 2008

The Potato Farm's Film's Of 2008.

As usual, making an albums of the year list is proving to be unbearably tricky (Why do I fret so much about it? It's not like anyone but myself actually cares.) so I decided to do one for my films of the year. This was meant to be a good old numerical list, but there are four films that I cannot choose between for favourite. I put it to the rest of the team, but they are all still Christmas boozing. Therefore I have abandoned the idea and decided that The Potato Farm's film of the year is a four-way tie between:

*The Dark Knight
For my money the best comic book adaptation film ever made. A phenomenal film that is really more about the human condition (that sounds REALLY wanky, but I can't think of a better way to say what I want without using about 500 words) than about a superhero story. Also shows that Heath Ledger was a really fucking good actor and it is a real shame he died so young.

*No Country For Old Men
In which the Coen Brothers managed to make a lot of their old tricks seem fresh by doing them in a style they hadn't done before, making a 'serious' film. Showed that they are not one trick ponies and have real broad film-making talent. (before slightly ruining it by returning to type with the very disappointing "Burn After Reading")

*There Will Be Blood
An epic tale of an oilman's greed and the questionable morality that goes hand in hand with it. Wonderfully countered by an extreme of the other side of morality, the fundamentalist Christians and their local church. I do not use the word epic lightly, you really feel like you live through something watching this. See? This film is so good, that I can't talk about it without sounding like a total wanker.

*Waltz With Bashir
Billed as an 'Animated Documentary', it kind of blurs the boundaries between documentary and a based-on-a-true-story film, with the central character trying to remember his own past. The film looks amazing, it sounds amazing and the unfolding of the story and the journey of the main character is strangely involving for a film that feels so distant. A truly awesome film.

There Will Be Blood & Waltz With Bashir would also jointly get the Potato Farm's soundtrack of the year accolade, with superb and emotive scores from Jonny Greenwood & Max Richter respectively.

The next post will be the 250th Potato Farm post.
"Ooooh, what will he do this time? Will he put a photo of his knob up? A video clip of him having a poo? Will he eat a tramps verruca? Will he train geese to use his laptop and write it for him? Will he channel the spirit of a lion and write a rambling incomprehensible mess? Will he perform surgery on an elephant calf? Will he reform the 90's boyband Let Loose, write a pop song and get them to perform it as his 250th blog? I just don't know, the possibilities are endless!"
Well no, they're not really. I don't know what I'll do for it, but I do know one thing. It will probably be pretty boring.

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